Happy Good Friday

(Unless You're Jesus. Then Today Ain't So Happy)

(Unless You’re Jesus; Then Today Ain’t So Happy)

Happy Good Friday! To my readers whose workplace gives them a day off today, as mine did for all the years I worked there, I’ve this great suggestion for you: Why don’t we crucify four more deities, and take off the whole week?! $Amen$


36 thoughts on “Happy Good Friday

  1. Here you go, my friend. Made some cookies for yeah. Hope you had a bloody good day.


  2. A splendid idea!

    I’ll nominate a few from the neocon pantheon:

    Ronald Reagan, God of Upside Down Economics and Income Disparity;
    Dick Cheney, God of Torture and War Profiteering;

    3 .Paul Wolfowitz, God of Botched Wars;

    Newt Gingrich, God of Goebbelsian Propaganda:
    George W. Bush, God of Dumb Fucks.

    There are many more from that pantheon, of course, and if we keep going, we could likely take a year off.


    • Great idea, and I love your nominations.


    • I may have posted this excerpt before, but I don’t recall (and I’m likely to do it again) :O

      The Graveyard of History is strewn with the bleached bones of dead gods, each and every one laid low by the Broadsword of Disbelief. And for whom shall the requiem play next? It shall play for thee, dear Yahweh, and for all of our gods du jour. For the forgotten gods of antiquity were once the living gods of today, and the living gods of the today shall tomorrow be the forgotten gods of antiquity.

      It must be understood, therefore, that universal empathy, peace, and love, can be achieved only through reason, and reason shall reign only when the gravediggers have no more gods to bury. (M. Jefferson Hale, Beyond Paine, 2025)


  3. Yes, let’s crucify more deities – what an awesome idea, why hasn’t anybody though of it before? 😉


    • I know, right? Except for Thor. I like him. He’s cool and fights bad guys with The Avengers.

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    • Oh, Thor is safe, he’s too awesome to ever be crucified. Besides, good luck to anyone who is willing to take him on – this badass wouldn’t be crucified easily!


    • Indeed! Next Avengers movie comes out in a few weeks, and I’m giddy with excitement. I’m a HUGE geek!

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    • Now that excitement I can actually share, unlike anything to do with Star Wars 😉


    • LOVE Star Wars!!!! Only thing I never got into was Harry Potter. Not mocking it, just never got into it. Arguing over which geeky thing is better than another is, to me, very odd. Not that you’re doing that, but people have with me, and it’s very odd. I get folks who aren’t into the whole fantasy/scifi geeky thing, but not the “what kinda geek is best” thing. Don’t like something, don’t watch it. Don’t like Mexican food, don’t eat it. Those who know they don’t like something but insist on doing that thing and then complain about it are rather silly to me. $Amen$

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    • Oh I know exactly what you mean! I only mentioned Star Wars because you told at some point that you were a huge fan and I told you I just didn’t get it 🙂
      But I agree with you, there’s no need to have debates about what is best – unless you’re drunk and with good friends 😀
      For the record, I’m a big Harry Potter fan 😉


    • I probably would be too, but I’ve SOOOO many other geeky addictions, I can’t add another. 🙂

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    • That’s fair enough 😉


  4. Lol!! Happy Easter anyhowz xxxxx


  5. Great work as always. You have very interesting deal you thought of. Now what Gods, and can we use mega church leaders who think they are gods? I think I have already cruised them in my mind. Hugs


  6. Reblogged this on The Blogging Path and commented:

    Hah! I completely forgot about taking time off from work today and pray really hard for the forgiveness of humanized sins.


  7. I like this suggestion. Lord Krishna isn’t a bad idea


  8. Can I crucify Thor? Please, let me crucify Thor! (I has a thing against hammers.)


  9. I can’t stop laughing, Jeff. This is hilarious.


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