It’s The ‘Lil Donald Trump Waterboarding Kit

There's No Problem Too Big For Waterboarding

There’s No Problem Too Big For The ‘Lil Donald Trump Waterboarding Kit

Are you tired of other people butting in on your right to torture people you dislike?  Are you a Christian who feels persecuted because there are atheists living next to you?  Are you an angry, white Republican who’s sick and tired of people refusing to kiss your ass just because you’re an angry, white Republican?  Then we’ve got just the product for you: The ‘Lil Donald Trump Waterboarding Kit.   The ‘Lil Donald Trump Waterboarding Kit comes with a bucket, a six-foot long board, a cloth hood that will easily slip over the head of whomever you wish to waterboard, and 20 feet of rope to secure them to the aforementioned board.  Simply hit whichever whining little bastard you wish to torture over the head with a large blunt object; then drag, or drive, them to a well hydrated, secluded area, and tie them to the board.  Then, as your hated, pesky enemy is screaming and begging to be let go, secure the hood over their head, fill the bucket with water, and pour away.  You’ll have hours of fun watching your hated enemy drown, pass out, wake up, then drown once more as you pour even more water over their hooded face.  HaHaHaHaHa!  Friggin’ HILARIOUS, is it not?  Order your ‘Lil Donald Trump Waterboarding Kit today for the low price of 54.98, and we’ll toss in a pair of ‘Lil Donald Trump Nailing Yanking Pliers absolutely free.


24 thoughts on “It’s The ‘Lil Donald Trump Waterboarding Kit

  1. I wonder about the “people” who came up with the idea of “forced nutrition ” which is when they grind/chop/blend food and forcefully inject it up the prisoners rectum. This was used at Gitmo but as it has no medical value it was used for humiliation and punishment. In other words torture. You got to wonder what is in the heads of people that I hunk of stuff like that? Hugs

  2. Does it come with a manual?

  3. Oh man, this Trump thing is starting to scare me for real

  4. I waterboarded myself in the shower years ago just to see what it was like. It’s horrible. Truly ghastly. Try it. Get a towel, soak it, place it over your face, then lean back against the wall, backwards, so the shower hits the towel.

    • I can imagine. tRump wants to expand its use. What a guy. I’d like to use it on him. He’d weep like a baby.

    • No doubt. I did. I thought for sure I could last, but in all honesty, I think I kept it going for all of three seconds before my brain went into full panic.

    • You’re body thinks you’re drowning. It’s not torture, though. Just an advanced interrogation technique. You know, kinda how crucifixion is an advanced form of euthanasia.

    • Brilliant!

    • were you practicing to be tortured John?

    • Hehehe, it helps to be prepared 😉

    • You know by doing that, you maybe too prepared for torture they may move to more barbaric means quickly. I have always said there would be no need to torture me, I would reveal information very fast

    • Anyone would. That’s why the CIA uses psychologists with a pathological love of torture, AKA, advanced interrogation techniques, to get info from people. They know precisely how to milk the agony so that what they get from you is the “real” truth. Wouldn’t want people making up shit just to avoid torture. Ya’ gotta be sure the info your getting is correct. Yeah.. I know what your thinking. God bless freedom, and God bless the USA.

    • I haven’t met those who would prefer to be injected with strange chemical, waterboarded and what nots to reveal where their next friend is. They must be strange people

    • No. I didn’t mean the person being tortured has a preference or desire for torture or some chemical injection. The CIA has torture experts that torture their victims in such a way as to extract the info they want. Torture anyone and they’ll tell you anything to make it stop. The CIA has experts who torture people in such a way as to ensure they’re getting the honest truth from them. It takes a long time and is sadistic and cruel. The US Government calls this, “advanced interrogation techniques.”

    • Yes, I agree with you. What I was in effect saying is why would the cia think a person would wait to be tortured to reveal some info they think they have?

    • Ah. Yes. Well, cause they like torturing people. In medieval times, a confession often wasn’t considered “honest” unless it came as the result of torture. Perhaps we’re headed back to those fun times, eh? Sure looks that way.

    • It sure does look that way. I shudder to think about what those people go through.

    • Me too. Donald Trump gets a hard on over it. Sick bastard.

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