Ted Cruz Says All WordPress Users Are Gay

Ted Cruz Gives "The Finger" To WordPress Users

Ted Cruz Giving “The Finger” To WordPress Users

Theocrat Town, Texas.   Ted Cruz today released a statement in which he claims all WordPress users are gay.  “Since WordPress allows individuals a platform to express opinions that do not support Jesus, and me, Ted Cruz, his anointed spokesmen on Earth, I must concur, using the powerful brain Jesus gave me, that all WordPress users are gay.   I don’t like gay people and think they’re icky.  To get back at me, they’ve created WordPress to express themselves in ways I, and Jesus, do not condone.  I find this offensive and a horrible violation of my right, as a Christian, to cram my religion up the asses of every man, woman, and child in America.  Once I’m President, I’ll put an end to WordPress, gays, Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, poor people, disabled people, liberals and everyone else in America who refuses to kiss my rectum and follow my religion.  God bless America, and God bless freedom!”

26 thoughts on “Ted Cruz Says All WordPress Users Are Gay

  1. I think maybe you guys will have a clown an entertainer for president


    • I hope to Jeebus one of these idiot Republicans does not win.


    • Trump is on the road to bring comic relief to the American people. It will take an organised campaign strategy up to stop his tide


    • That remains to be seen. The media gives him a lot of coverage because he’s an ass, but minorities in the country are deeply outraged by his racism and hateful demeanor towards them. He doesn’t have the Hispanic vote, and there are far more of them than conservatives. Trump will get the Republican nomination, however.


    • In the last primaries, I thought I heard him say he won with the Hispanics, the uneducated, the unemployed or something of that sort.


    • No. He may have said that, but the voting base he’s winning with are Republicans, middle class to wealthy white people. He’s winning within the Republican Party against other Republicans. We won’t get a good view as to what’s gong on generally until August or so. Trump also said he could murder someone and still get the Republican nomination; that’s most likely true.


    • Could it be possible there are Democrats voting for him in the primaries but are not saying the same way no one says at the dinner table they are watching porn


    • Unlikely as one must declare openly which ballot they want to vote on. You have to take either a Republican or Democratic ballot. Trump is only on Republican ballots. I can see by your thoughts on this, however, the power of the media. What they choose to report on highly influences perceptions. So, yes, in the general election, many may vote for the “winner” as has been predetermined by the media. The media LOVES Trump. He’s racist, ugly, loud, and caters to the many mindless, angry idiots who call themselves Americans. However, as I’ve said, we’re not going to get a clear picture on all this til the general election goes into high gear. Right now, Trump is playing to Republicans. His tune will have to change a bit to sway the general election. Hopeful, for the sake of the world, neither he, nor Cruz, becomes President.


    • Thanks good fellow.
      I hope for all of us Trump stays on showbiz.


    • Well, American politics sure are showbiz. 🙂


  2. American politics would be funny if it wasn’t so scary. (well, it is kinda funny when related by you) 😉


  3. Ah good friend. Thank you for this post. Now as a WordPress user I can move forward being the biggest most painful pain in Cruz orifices as hard as I can. Lets say it is a goal to to take as much fun as possible to keep this guy from hurting more of our people and hurting others. Lets turn the tables on him. Love it. Hugs


  4. The Wicked Witch called. She wants her nose back.

    Is there a R candidtae that isn’t certifiable?


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