Make The Government Smaller: Privatize The Military

A Private Military = A Smaller Government

A Private Military = A Smaller Government

Tinybudget, Kansas.   Does the idea of a smaller, less invasive government make your willy tingle?  Do you like the idea of doing whatever the hell you want without the “Government” poking around with its “Army” telling you what you can and can not do?  Well, then, we’ve got just the political website for you:   The founders of, a guy named Steve and two gals named Sally, think that there’s no better way to get the Government off your back and greatly reduce your taxes than to privatize the military.   How will this work?  Well, let’s say a theocratic lunatic like Ted Cruz wants to carpet bomb the Middle East.  With a private military, he can.  The only difference is, HE’LL have to put the army together and pay for it himself.  All of it.  Also, let’s say people in the Middle East get pissed when Cruz carpet bombs them and want revenge.  They won’t need to attack random Americans to get it, they can simply attack Ted Cruz-the guy who personally paid to have them carpet bombed.   So, if this sounds like a spiffy cause to you, go to to sign our petition and make a donation.  Take the military out of the hands of “Big Brother” and put it into the hands of “Rich Brother”.  Support  Ted Cruz will be glad you did.

27 thoughts on “Make The Government Smaller: Privatize The Military

  1. This is the best idea ever…and the least likely to happen as well…


  2. On the one hand I support reducing military spending and using that money for education, infrastructure and health.
    Having the military in private hands is an anathema. It would be like the prison business your country runs


    • I’m being facetious. The conservatives would NEVER want to do this because they’d have to pay for something they now get for free-an army to further their capitalistic desires. Conservatives here scream about less government and taxes, unless the government and taxes are used to advance their greed. Many companies make money from the military through private contracts with the government. Boeing comes to mind. Conservatives would never give this up. One thing conservatives hate is paying for things. They’re leeches that suck the blood and money from the people with their huge fat, ugly mouths.


  3. All the above is satire.. yet so sad and so true.. It hurts this old military boys head. But don’t worry, the government has me on drugs to forget it and the ones I don’t forget I have Rum for. Lots of Rum. They say if you drink rum before 9 Am you not a drunk, but a Pirate. Lets raid the booties and sail the seas…..:) Hugs


  4. This sounds like a perfect excuse for me to post this video again 🙂


  5. Yes Brother! Turn that military over to the Soak Brothers and Cruz. We can have a final crusade (final solution) for oil and the ratification of Islam. Praise be!


    • These assholes always talk about making everything private, why not the military. Oh. Wait. Thay don’t want to pay for THAT. They just want to use it to their advantage at the expense of soldier’s lives and tax payer’s $. $Amen$


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