Adventures With Yoda

Pulled over, I was.  Speeding, I was.  Told me this, the police did.  Angry this made me.  In a hurry, I was.  Waiting for me, my date was.  Jedi mind trick I used.  Let me off with simply a warning, the policeman did.  On time, I was, for my date.  Sometimes, good to be a Jedi, it is.

Pulled over, I was.  Speeding, I was.  Told me this, the policeman did.  Upset this made me.  In a hurry I was.  Waiting for me, my date was.  Jedi mind trick I used.  Let me off with a warning, the policeman did.  On time for my date, I was.  Sometimes, good to be a Jedi it is.

31 thoughts on “Adventures With Yoda

  1. Well, I may not like Star Wars but I liked that 😀


  2. Oh sucks, I was hoping Chewie was gay and he and Solo had a thing going on the side. Oh well I guess it will be up to Luke to start a new a religion and start a process of taking the young boys through….training in the force they don’t tell their parents of….???? I bet Leai wouldn’t approve of the need Luke says for them to practice with him nude! Well it helped me to get a grip on my light saber….and to master a new force. Hugs


  3. “Foreplay, cuddling — a Jedi craves not these things.”



  4. This “girlfriend” I would see to like – or something – whatever. I’m not good with Yodanese.


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