Donald Trump Kills Puppies, Rises In Popularity

Donald Trump: Killer of Puppies

Donald Trump: Killer of Puppies

Hate-Da-Poor City, New Jersey.   In order to show how evil he is and how insipidly vile the Republican Party is, Donald Trump today killed 45 puppies on live TV.  “I killed these 45 puppies with this sawed off shotgun to illustrate that, no matter how disgusting my actions are, Republicans will still worship the ground I walk on as if I were a god,” Mr. Trump said, right after killing the pups. “My poll numbers skyrocket with each disgusting behavior I publicly exhibit.  This proves to me that I WILL be your President, America, because I’m exactly the type of President you deserve.  God bless you, America, and God bless the rich.”

20 thoughts on “Donald Trump Kills Puppies, Rises In Popularity

  1. You know…this could actually be true…they would still love him urgh!


  2. In polls, Bernie beats Hillary in the point spread against trump. It is without a doubt that he would draw some confused conservatives if for only the reason he wants to choke the crap out of Wall Street and grab our government back from them.


  3. Considering the devolution of the American people in recent years, maybe Trump is exactly what they deserve.


  4. I hope all this gets explained one day


    • It can be explained, but not concisely because the contributing factors are complex. However, I will cite a seminal moment in American history when the nation’s wealthy corporatocracy decided to systematically dismantle the progressive reforms of FDR, JFK, LBJ, etc. Once robbed of quality education, as well as the egalitarian protections of collective bargaining and democratic governance, an enlightened and prosperous middle class was forever doomed. That moment is symbolized by the now infamous 1971 Lewis Powell memo.

      What remains today is a highly stratified and fractured society at odds with itself. That a large number of spiteful, ignorant xenophobes would rally behind a militant bigot like Trump really shouldn’t be surprising.

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    • Yes. Very well said. Also, very, very sad, and very scary as I do not see this getting better any time soon, nor without a powerful uprising. The end of Democracy in America comes from the whimper of cold apathy.

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    • The Great Experiment has been run off the rails.

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  5. as if I were a god

    A god? I though Trump believed he was god, “thou shall not have other gods before Trump”.


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