Sarah Palin Endorses Donald Trump

I give my suppor' to Donal' Trum'.... ISIS!  Liberal policies of 'Bama!  Need BANG!  BANG!  Toughness!  Trum' has dis.... ISIS!!!!!  BANG!!! POW!!! KILL!!!! NOW!!!!! Trum'!  Donal'!  He mus' win da day!  Sissy, homo Democrats, DIE!!!! DIE!!!! ISIS!!! MEXICANS!!!!  Not legal!!!! DIE!!!!  BOOM!!! ISIS!!!!  Me smart, like Donal' Trum'!!!!   Thank you for listening.  Have a nice day.  ISIS!!! BANG!!!!

I give my suppor’ to Donal’ Trum’…. ISIS!…Liberal policies of ‘Bama! Need BANG! BANG!…Toughness!..Big wee-wee!… Trum’ has dis things!!…. ISIS!!!!! BANG!!! POW!!! KILL!!!! NOW!!!!! Trum’! Donal’! He mus’ win da day! Sissy, homo Democrats, DIE!!!! DIE!!!! ISIS!!! MEXICANS!!!! Not legal!!!! DIE!!!! BOOM!!! ISIS!!!! Me smart, like Donal’ Trum’!!!!   Tank ‘ew for listening.  Have nice day.  Vote fer Donal’….ISIS!!! Mexicans!! Wiberals!!! BANG!!!! BANG!!!! KILL!!!! KILL!!!! KILL!!!

26 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Endorses Donald Trump

  1. Well, I KNOW this was taken straight out of her mouth, that’s not yours, no Sir, that’s the official transcript of her TV appearance 😀


  2. Great rendition!

    (Agree with Robert’s comment.) 🙂


  3. How is Sarah Palin taken seriously that someone would want her endorsement?


  4. Well, you got her down pat. Btw, have you seen this SNL clip?


  5. “Obama is to blame for my genital warts.”


  6. Also I should add that good old boring me, an English socialist would make a better Republican than a woman who thinks North Korea is a US ally…there enough said Sir!


  7. Can I swear on this blog? Hope so for Ms Palin is a fucking idiot


    • A fuckin’ repulsive idiot. I can’t believe Trump will most likely be the Republican nominee for President. What a lot of idiots I share my country with.

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    • More importantly what if he gets to The White House. I believe in American ‘go for it’ attitudes (something us Brits are not very good at) I even was the first in my street to be an American on 9/11 flying your flag in my front garden so outraged was I (meant nothing in the global plan of things yet was important to me), I am pro American for a galaxy of sound reasons, but if this tosser gets in power the planet is dead…job done.


    • I agree. As an American, I love America. A dictatorial, spoiled, petulant, oligarchical shit-heal like Trump is not representative of America and what she stands for. I hate everything he stands for. I truly hope he doesn’t win the general election. He has his minions, but I do hope, when push comes to shove, we vote in Hilary, or better yet, Bernie Sanders, over this piece of shit.


    • this blog is for swearing 🙂


  8. Palin must be getting smarter. These remarks make way more sense than anything else she’s said in recent years.


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