27 thoughts on “Advice From A Fish

  1. Only a very dirty mind would come up with something like this 😉


  2. My water comes from a well, so…ha!

    Though I did work in river water for 3 decades, so there’s that…


  3. Ah wise friend I have to tell you about a memory I have from a trip to the Keys off Florida with our RV. Back in 2006. We stayed at this “Key”, which is an other name for island, just after the great long bridge. Wonderful time except for the day we went to the pool. Two young Spanish teens , a boy and girl , were hot for each other and as they couldn’t find a place to be alone, were having passionate sex right in the pool, with no care of those around them watching. Oh he was giving it all he had, bucking and moving while she held on to the side of the pool , both in the deep end. We noticed right away, and also we noticed the anger from the other Hispanic people around us at the pool. There were very young kids there, but not at that end. While it was clear he had his pants down and her Bikini was also pulled down, and their movements suggestive, I drifted over for a closer look, I did not see much. The boy did not care, he was getting himself some and just kept on, the girl also seemed unconcerned that they were fucking in public in a pool with others. I admit I was disappointed as I thought it would be quite a show, but he must have been too short for that, as all I saw was two bodies very close together and such an intense look on the boys face. The girl seemed bored really. The people I was with were shocked at this, and the Hispanic people were getting very angry. Some one went for the girls mother and just as the boy finished the mother came in screaming murder, and talking Spanish. She screamed at the two of them, and pulled the girl out of the pool by her hair. The boy was struggling to get his swim suite up, the girl was only able as she was being dragged out by the hair. Then a bunch of big Hispanic men gathered around the boy and he tried to get away from the edge of the pool. Seeing that this was about to go really bad and thinking the boy deserved it, we left. The people I was with complained to management about the teens fucking in the pool and management said that was nothing, a lot of them did, most times more than one couple and sometimes the teens alone with no one, watched and jerked off next to the ones getting some. I have to say our party took our RV’s and went else where. Not sure what this event says, but I know one thing, Midwestern mothers with grand kids get real upset seeing teens having sex in a pool in public. 🙂 Hugs


  4. Did you have to tell us this


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