27 thoughts on “Inspirational Quote For Today

  1. Oh man, the comments are too much. I never heard of Bengay before but pretty much guessed what it was from the actual context. I would have asked you, to be sure, but you’ve already answered that question…and it leaves me pondering on the whole cultural thing 馃槈


  2. Son of a !!

    You know Im a manly man, done all sorts of manly things, but have been plagued my entire life with sensitive skin. Yes I said it! I tried Icy Hot on an achy spot (hamstrings) once, it started off kind of cool. Then it started to warm up. Then it started to get pretty darn warm. Then it got hot. Then it got like a fucking out of control fire that I could not wipe off. That burn lasted for what seemed like hours. It was miserable.

    I have not since used anything resembling that product. And I sure as hell hope that when the need for the H cream arises, I do not mistake it for the fucking Ben gay! Yikes.

    …as far as I know there isn’t any Ben Gay in the house. But after this post I’ll be sure to read the damn label before I use what i think might be the H cream.


  3. Yeah! Unless it’s Ben who keeps on making the mistake. After all he is whatever.


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