Donald Trump To Stage Mock Gas Chamber Executions Of Muslims And Mexicans

Donald Trump Will Use Gas Chamber/crematorium Combinations Like This One In Auschwitz, Germany To Eliminate The Muslim/Mexican Problem Once He Becomes President

Donald Trump Plans On Using Gas Chamber/Crematorium Combinations, Like This One In Auschwitz, Germany, To Eliminate The Muslim/Mexican Problem Once He Becomes President

Iaintshittin City, Iowa.   Donald Trump today announced he planned to hold several mock gas chamber executions of Mexicans and Muslims in preparation of being crowned President of the United States next November.   “Thing that Hitler did wrong in eliminating the Jews, man, don’t even get me started on the Jews,” Trump said this morning, “was he waited too long to use gas on them in mass.  Killing in mass, then immediately cremating the bodies as one big group, eliminates the smell of rotting corpses, makes cleaning up afterwards easier, who likes to wipe up blood, yucky, and is very cost-effective.  Bullets are really fucking expensive.

Donald Trump Illustrating How People In A Gas Chamber Die

Donald Trump Illustrating How People Die In A Gas Chamber

So, in preparation for my coronation next November, I’m asking Muslims and Mexicans to volunteer for my “mock” gas chamber executions to help make the real process go faster next year.  Look, I’m gonna come for you all next year anyway, so why not make things easier and volunteer for this practice run now, eh?  If your interested, please email me at, and I’ll have someone come collect you ASAP.  Thanks, and God bless.”


25 thoughts on “Donald Trump To Stage Mock Gas Chamber Executions Of Muslims And Mexicans

  1. OMG I just died! And that last pic! Hahaha it’s just perfect!


  2. How Trump has maintained any popularity at all, after all the bizzare things he has said, and the outright lies he has been caught in, is fucking ridiculous. How is it the people at large cannot see what we see?

    I hope enough people capable of rational thought vote D. I hate to think of the damage this power greedy loon could do with our country. I hate to think of the damage already done.


  3. It is sad how we have stopped teaching kids and young people to think, to reason. We lie to them about history to make some ideologies look great. We tell them to learn by rote and not to reason things out for themselves. SO then they don’t see the connection to what is happening now, to what happened in the past. The people forget so soon, they don’t even remember how it happened. The forget Hitler was ELECTED to power. He inflamed the people, and got one small group to follow his ideas, and used thug tactics to scare others to go along with him. Money and fear. It is here today. thanks . Hugs


  4. Trump will shoot dem all before they have a chance to step on US soil


  5. Better than fireworks


  6. It would be funny, if I didn’t think that man wouldn’t be crazy enough to really came up with such idea. That SOB is capable to anything, so nothing would not surprise me.


  7. Love the caption on the pic of him! Perfect!

    It’s also a good shot of how I feel when I listen to him. gag


  8. Superb satire, and dude do you write fast! Tweeted.


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