Santa Arrested For Smoking Weed In Public

santaBig Building City, New York.   Santa Claus was arrested today on charges of public indecency and possession of marijuana outside Macy’s Dept Store in New York.  “I’m deeply embarrassed by my behavior,” Santa said earlier.  “I’ve been under tremendous stress because of the atheist war on Christmas which takes place at this time every year.   Last year, Rudolph was shot through his back left hoof by an atheist drone while we were flying over Chicago delivering toys to Christian kids on Christmas Eve night.   We’re both still suffering from PTSD because of it.  I find that the only way I can deal with it is to strip down to my underwear, fire up a big ass pipe full of weed and dance in the streets while smoking it.  I’m awfully sorry to all the Christian kids I’ve let down by my behavior.  I just wish these damn atheists would stop trying to kill me every Christmas.  It is, as this incident proves, causing me great emotional distress.”

34 thoughts on “Santa Arrested For Smoking Weed In Public

  1. I wanna party with Santa! Looove the pic 😀


  2. I worked on farms when I was young ( yes several centuries ago) and I often saw horses just poop as they were pulling wagons or sleighs. SO do you think Santa’s reindeer poop as they are flying over all our heads. Is that why some people get so “shit faced” on Christmas eve? Hugs


  3. Where did you find this picture?!!? It matters not that it may not be the “r.e.a.l.” SC … it’s just crazy wild!


  4. Santa Clause is a false idol. Belief in him violates the first Commandment. The wage of sin is death. Period.


  5. I think a good judge should let Santa go without a warning. The guy has suffered enough already


  6. Come to Washington state, Santa. Pot is legal up here!


  7. Santa is one cool dude. I have to wonder though why he dresses like a sumo wrestler?

    Umm when I was perusing the reader postings I saw this and for a moment thought it said Satan instead of Santa. Then I realized OMG!


  8. Who knows? Poor ol’ Santa might have to move to Canada (where the stuff he smokes’ll soon be legal)


  9. That’s a man I’d like to sit next to on a long, long flight


  10. Don’t worry Santa, you can be certain that the kindly purveyors of gifts and gimcracks for Xmas will not allow those who attack you get by with it. So long as profit allows, they’ll defend your every pipefull! Go for it!


  11. I was eating a cupcake when I read this. . . spray, spray. .

    Oh. My. God.

    You are ‘farking hilarious’ (to borrow a phrase from our Stone God friend) 🙂


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