Donald Trump Learning German To Be Even More Like Hitler


Führer Land, California.    Donald Trump today announced he’s been studying German to become even more like his lifetime idol, Adolf Hitler.  “Hating Muslims, Mexicans, the poor, liberals, Democrats, cats, and the British is not enough for me to reach my goal of becoming the Adolf Hitler of the 21st century,” Herr Trump said today, while holding his pet Chihuahua , Juan.   I must speak the language of Hitler himself if I am to fully become him.  Also, if I talk in German at my press conferences, most people won’t know what the fuck I’m saying.  This will let me insult even more minorities and discuss my plan for world domination without anyone even knowing I’m doing it.  Now, please, verpiss dich, and let me figure out how to build massive gas chambers and crematoriums on tax payer dollars.”

24 thoughts on “Donald Trump Learning German To Be Even More Like Hitler

  1. why didn’t i think of this? funny. continue…


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  3. So painfully and funnily accurate!


  4. Wow, he took a swipe at cats? The ninjas and assassins of the animal kingdom. These critters can walk through walls, scale sheer cliffs, see with X-ray vision and have super hearing to tell when a treaty bag is being touched. They can appear from no where to lure you in for a belly rub, and then shred you with massive claws. The T-Rex was pushed to extinction due to a feud with cats. Hugs


  5. And what shocks me most is he gaining on popularity. I am afraid he may just win.
    Today morning I felt like shooting myself. Some three dudes were having a conversation next to me and horror of all horrors, they were like after a weak president like Obama, now Trump is what America needs. Idjits are everywhere and they walk among us


    • I want Trump to win the Republican nomination. He won’t win over Hilary Clinton in the general election and his popularity within the Republican party is making a mess of it. Republicans are just now starting to speak against Trump. They do not want him to win the nomination but they waited too long before speaking out against him. Now he just may win. Also, the Republicans are branded as racist, bigoted assholes, which they are, because of their connection to Trump. I hate the guy, but I love how his presence has exposed Republicans for what they are: dicks.


    • . .. is it ‘dick’ or ‘dickhead’. .. 🙂


    • Either will suffice. 😀


  6. “Ich bin ein Klutzenbutzenjammer”*

    *Translation: “I hate Jews, Muslims, Brits, Popstars, Democrats, Liberals, Other Peoples’ Money …”

    In short, I only like Profits.


  7. Sehr gut, mein Freund. Wir brauche einen neuen Hitler, sicher in der USA. Heil Trump!


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  9. Ha ha brilliant my friend, you may have heard that there is a chance he may be banned from ever entering the UK, let’s hope that happens… though it does mean you’ll have to keep him. 😉


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