Donald Trump’s Hair Finds New Home On Vladimir Putin’s Head

Donald Trump's Hair As It Begins Moving From His Head

Donald Trump’s Hair Has Fled His Scalp

Commie Town, Russia.   A shocking event took place last night while most people slept.  Donald Trump’s hair crawled from his head, boarded a plane to Russia, and rooted itself on the head of Russian President, Vladimir Putin. “I kinda like it,” Putin replied when reporters asked him how he felt about his new hair. “It makes me look 10 years younger.  The babes I’ll get with this new hair are gonna be countless.” Donald Trump, however, had this to say when asked if he’ll miss his hair. “You’re gar’damn right I’m gonna miss my hair.  It used to read to me at night and sing me lullabies when I couldn’t sleep.  Now what am I supposed to do?  WHAT?!”

Trump's Hair As It Now Looks On Vladimir Putin's Head

Trump’s Hair As It Now Looks On Vladimir Putin’s Head

18 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s Hair Finds New Home On Vladimir Putin’s Head

  1. Putin looks sooooo pleased with his new ‘do.


  2. HO HO HO I want this on a Christmas Card.


  3. OMG, that pic of Putin… LMAO!


  4. From one nice man to another, that rug has taste 😀


  5. The hair piece gets more action and stiffer hair spray with Putin. It hated having to be limp when trump did not even pay well. Hugs


  6. The Trump surely has more than one rug? Most times he seems to be wearing more than one …


  7. I wanna see Trump’s now hairless head.


  8. Strangely believable, considering he’s at 36%. I mean, this can’t be reality, right?


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