Wayne LaPierre Says He Can Hold 40 Handguns In His Mouth

"I can hold 40 guns in my gigantic mouth," says Wayne LaPierre

“I can hold 40 guns in my gigantic mouth,” says Wayne LaPierre

LaRifle Town, Texas.    Executive Vice President of the NRA, Wayne LaPierre, said today he loves guns SO much he often carries up to 40 of them at a time in the gaping hole he calls his mouth.  “I need never worry about black teens in hoodies, or black Presidents in business suits,” LaPierre said earlier, “because I can, and almost always do, carry upwards of 40 guns in my mouth whenever I leave my home.  If a brown or black-skinned som’bitch fucks with me, I’ll spit out a gun or 4 and blast their dark asses back to the stone age.  I’m NOT a man to be fucked with.  So don’t fuck with me or my big-ass gun-toting mouth, ya’hear?”


38 thoughts on “Wayne LaPierre Says He Can Hold 40 Handguns In His Mouth

  1. ha!! stupid cunt wayne lapierre

  2. The NRA are such a bunch of saddos, they get more people killed than terrorists do in the US, they should definitely be on the list!

  3. I wonder if his private parts are shaped liked a pistol … with a special trigger that he uses to shoot?

  4. He and the Koch brothers are evil

  5. Crazy fellow

  6. Can he give a reaction to Europe’s decision to put the NRA (which sounds like IRA, coincidentally) on its list of terrorist organizations?

  7. Obviously a back-to-front man who talks out of his arse … Go figure

  8. What a guy… the very flower of Americana!

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