Hitler’s Mustache To Seek GOP Nomination For President

Hitler's Mustache Just After Declaring It Is Seeking The GOP Nomination For The Presidency

Hitler’s Mustache, Minutes After Declaring It Is Seeking The GOP Nomination For The 2016 Presidential Race

Der Fadder Land, Oklahoma.  In unexpected news today, Hitler’s mustache declared itself as a candidate for the Republican nomination for President.  “I am zee most qualified perzon for deez job!  I am of zee superior white mustache race!”  Hitler’s mustache said earlier.  “I am zick und tired of zee Republican Party nominating azzholes to be zee Prezident of zee USA!  I promise, if elected, zat I vill bring order, dizipline, and un Aryan senze of perfection into America!  Those who fail to vote for me, should I vin, vill be summarily executed!  Zo, I suggest everyone who vants to live, vote for me, Hitler’s mustache!  Seig Heil!  Seig Heil! Seig Heil!”

17 thoughts on “Hitler’s Mustache To Seek GOP Nomination For President

  1. I’ve just read through the comments…I feel your pain! There are many fine brains in the US, but unfortunately there are also too many people who just don’t give a fuck…ignorant people, seemingly happy to be ignorant and happy to carry on being so…it’s really frustrating knowing this in Europe, so I can only imagine how you feel!


  2. So hitler’s mustache is a natural born us citizen?


  3. You sure this is Adolf’s mustache? Could it be Miley Cyrus’ pub(l)ic hairstyle? She might make a good president?!


  4. Heil the fuhrer’s moustache.
    Moustache for president!


  5. From all the drooling, I’m suspecting Putin is going to be nominated to run on the Republican ticket.


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