Eliminate The Poor This Christmas With Poor Away

Poor Away Is Death A Spray Can For Anyone Making Less Than 15 Thousand A Year

Poor Away Is Death In A Can For Anyone Making Less Than 15 Thousand A Year

Just in time for Christmas, the Tea Party announced today it is selling a new product to help eliminate the poor from the face of the Earth.  It’s called, Poor Away.  Just spray a tiny bit onto anyone making under 15 thousand dollars a year and they’ll dissolve into thin air as if they never lived.   Be the envy of your conservative, white, Christian friends as you wipe out the poor with Poor Away.  The proceeds of each sale go to support tax vouchers to help rich people send their children to wealthy, private schools.   Eliminate the foul-smelling blight that the poor bring to our country and, at the same time, help keep rich white kids from having to mingle with poor, black, Hispanic, and Asian kids in Public Schools.  What can be a better Holiday gift to give to yourself and/or your Tea Party member friends this Christmas than a sparkling new can of Poor Away ?   Pre-order one today, for the meager price of 75 dollars, and receive a free, Earth Is Only 6000 Years Old , T-shirt while supplies last.

16 thoughts on “Eliminate The Poor This Christmas With Poor Away

  1. does it ever back fire, and does it wear off? I know these new products sometimes have catches, does it cause lawns to grow uncontrolled, homes to go uncleaned… fast food places deserted of workers? Should it come with a warning not to use in southern states. Thanks for your help with these problems we have today. Hugs


  2. I like it! Just curious, will it work on people you just don’t like? If it does I’ll take 3 cases 😃


  3. But then, the Conservatives wouldn’t have anyone to take advantage of and blame for all the ills of this planet. Can you imagine if only they were left? They wouldn’t survive. They might hate the poor but they need them 😉


  4. Pour away! I say! Like M Atoinette said: If they don’t have wine, give’m whisky.

    That will also work – just takes longer …


  5. I heard the criminal justice system has already ordered a large shipment of this product. After all, who needs jails?


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