Donald Trump Vows To Send Indians Back To India If Elected President

"You're either an American or an Indian," shouts Donald Trump. "You can't be both!"

“You’re either an American or an Indian,” shouts Donald Trump. “You can’t be both!”

Badhair City, Iowa.   Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, today vowed that if he is elected President, he will send the Indians back to India.  “Let’s face it,” Trump said, “there’s no such thing as an ‘American Indian’.  People from America are Americans, and people from India are Indians.  The Indians have been a thorn in the side of America since it was founded by wealthy, white, conservative Christian men in the early 1950’s.   Anyone who’s seen a John Wayne Western can tell you this.  Therefor, in order to end the pestilence that is the Indian in America I, if elected President, will send every last one of them back to their native India and place a 50 foot wall along the American, Indian border to forever keep them there.   So, come November 2016, vote for Donald Trump for President.  It’s the white thing to do.”

23 thoughts on “Donald Trump Vows To Send Indians Back To India If Elected President

  1. What kind of nonsense statement was that…😒😒😒


  2. “It’s the white thing to do.” Hahaha


  3. Our R candidates for president are really this damn stupid. Thanks for pointing this out in your brilliant way 🙂


  4. Is there a wall along the Mexican border to keep Latin Americans out?


  5. To a pure white person, Trump might not measure-up. His skin looks pink to me.


  6. OH, I love it, this made me hoot with laughter. Thanks , needed it today. Hugs


  7. Why stop there. Send all the hungry people to Hungary. And those who are finished to Finland. And those never resting New Yorkers to Russia to stop rushing about. And the Jews to Jewrusalem.


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