Republicans Demand Marine Biologists Stop Being Wasted On Biology

Republicans Are Demanding The Marines Stop Being Used To Study Biology

Republicans Are Demanding The Marines Stop Being Used To Study Biology

Rich Land, USA.   The Republican Party today issued a statement demanding that the US Marine Corps stop being used to study biology.  “What kinda B.S. is this?”  GOP spokeswoman, Ivana Ownurass, said earlier.  “The Marines are a branch of the US military that should be used to defend America against invaders from Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii, not to study biology.  Marine biology is a clear sign that America is being run by a leftist, liberal, Muslim atheist of a President.  We members of the Republican Party implore each and every American citizen to write to your congressman today to stop this ridiculous misuse of our Marines.  We also implore each and every one of you to vote Republican in the election next year to help keep the poor poor, the wealthy wealthy, and the Mexicans south of our borders.  May the white, all-loving arms of Christ wrap themselves around you to see that you do this.  Amen.”


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  2. We’re so fortunate to have you so you can consistently point out the core weaknesses of the liberal party. I praise you, divine1.

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    • Will do. Hope all’s well with you, too.

    • I’ve been sick & the test results I got back earlier this week came back indicating something very serious. Ah well such be life… Other than that, the girl’s & I are okay. 🙂

    • Oh man, I’m so sorry to hear that. Send me an email if you want. We’re thinking of you. 🙂

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      Thankoo for the well wishes & thoughts! I’ve only told 3 people that I consider as family. Don’t plan on telling anyone else but you and Kassey girl I consider as family too so I’ll tell you. 🙂 Thank Jebus for being lucky to know you Jeff! $amen$

    • 🙂 Look forward to your email.

    • I just accidentally stumbled across the poem you wrote and left a link for in this comment section.
      Holy Bat’s Jeff!! BRILLIANT and I loves eet!! 🙂
      I need to write that down in a notebook that I use to keep unique quotes, sayings, poem’s etc.. You’ve some serious talent in the poem dept too!!! 🙂

    • Thanks. I be multi-talented! 🙂

    • VERY!!! Your poem is seriously off the chain amazing. Let’s just pretend we are at some kind of fancy litary award event & I just handed you the highest most coveted award!! 😆🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    • Sorry took me so long. Can’t write as quickly as I used to. Oh my goodness though!! Reading this one felt exactly what I go through at night. If I dream it’s terrors.
      I’m not sure how to describe this poem. It is beyond beautiful! I gotta read the second link & write that one down too plus go back and re read/write down the 1st one too.
      Jeff, I don’t think you are just “multi talented.” You are a poetic genius. Have you ever thought of putting a collection together in a book? Besides your poem’s being…soul touching (and the most definitely are) they could help a lot of people like us if you know what I mean. The world (outside of WP ) needs to hear & read you..

    • I’ve thought about it. Probably should, eh? 🙂

    • Probably!!?? No “probably” about it!
      You know how some thing’s will stick in the brain for awhile to think & re think about? Well that’s exactly what your poem’s have the power to do. So I don’t say it lightly that you should put a collection together into book form. And if I can assist somehow I’d be happy to! 🙂

    • Not bombarding me at all! Keep em coming! 😀
      (I STILL read your FireBelly story..)

    • Oh! This IS FireBelly!!! I LOVE this story!

    • Cool. Wasn’t sure you’d read it. I may take you up on the assistance thingy with the poems. I should put em in one book.

    • Oh yes I actually reblogged FireBelly to my blog and have it downloaded. I’ve even read it to quite a few kid’s I know and they loved it!! A book of short stories like FireBelly for children is where the real money is at. So that’s just a thought for you.
      I’ll have to look into some thing’s but there are way’s to self publish for free. The marketing part is the time consuming part. Well, it’s a lot of legwork meaning taking some copies into various book store’s including the large box store’s like Chapter’s but it can be done. On a day my brain is working a little better I’ll start doing some research, digging through my contact’s etc. And I don’t mind taking copies into book store’s up here too if it would help and sending copies to the big publishing companies here in Canada. So definitely give some serious thought to putting a book together. All you need do is be successful aka leave a lasting impression with your first book & you’d be set for any future book’s. It only takes one book to end up being set for life Jeff. Be it poem’s or children stories you’ve got the “it” factor so all that stands between you and never having to worry about financial stuffs ever again is just one book. Pretty darn sure you can make it happen! 😀

    • Awesome.

    • Btw for some reason WP won’t let me “like” your posts.. This poem is…I cannot think of any word’s that give actually all 3 poem’s as well as yourself, their due justice.

    • Really? It’s been doing weird shit for another guy who follows me, too. No idea why. And WP has no idea either. Odd.

    • Too many following. Or at least that is what WP told me. It has something to do with following too many blogs. As soon as I cut down how many blogs I follow the blogs I really love reading showed back up in my feed again & I could “like” post’s again. So that’s what it is. I need to drop some more blogs. Also, if another blogger is posting up 2 or 3 blogs a day which I’ve seen many do, it will jamb up the feed so that the ppl who blog say 3 times a week they won’t show up. If that makes sense?

    • Whoo… I definitely loves this one too. Powerful stuff! Wow.. I’ll be pondering over this one for awhile now too.. 🙂 🌟👍🌟🌟

    • $Amen$ Thanks for reading all this. You rock.

    • My pleasure truly!! Feel free to keep em coming even if by email. Each poem you wrote makes a lot of sense on so many levels. I am in awe of your talent to word and write those the way you did/do. They don’t just touch the brain, heart and nerves. They go bone deep. And that my dearest is very rare and special. You Rock!! Let’s get these out into the world! And if there’s a way I can help, count on it that I will walk into every book store in Canada if need be to help. 🙂 $Amen$

    • 😀

  4. You are brilliant

  5. Oh I just LOVE your brutality! It never gets old 😀

  6. I’m reading this after I just reblogged an article about a new Republican witch-hunt against NOAA on climate change. Weird…

  7. This is a good one!

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