The Basement


A man, ten years ago, told



Environment did not cause my insanity


Genes did

I followed him home one night, and I

Captured him

He’s now in my


Been there as

My prisoner for

Ten years now

To keep him from running,

I severed his Achilles tendons

To keep him from screaming,

I cut out his vocal cords

I own him

I own his environment

I am his world

I may let him free

One day, or, I may simply

Kill him

Regardless, his fate is totally up to

Me and my


I’m certain that the environment of my


Has caused him far more




And loss of


Than any



He was born with



Has far more

Effect on


Than does our



You Think






So that


Can prove



26 thoughts on “The Basement

  1. Wow! Thank you for giving me the link, I would have found it in time because I always make sure I catch up on anything you’ve written but…wow!
    It’s well-crafted and you’ve made your point, oh so well!
    I like it, a lot! I see this was posted for Halloween, way to be suitably dark coz this is dark my friend. Deliciously and cleverly dark 🙂
    If this is not worth a tweet, I don’t know what is!


  2. I’ve mentioned a few times that my grandfather was influenced towards atheism by early twentieth century socialist ideas, but also he was abused by a sadistic and religious stepmother. His mother died and his father remarried a religious fanatic. The older children more or less escaped. When he was sixteen, he lied about his age and joined the army. They found out he was too young and threw him out. He spent some years “riding the rails,” joined the navy when he was old enough before finally settling down and getting a job in a factory.


  3. environment ! ! That is where my insanity comes from, my depression springs, the fears and terrors of my memories, the screams in the nights. What I am would have soared, no heights would have been too high, great things I could have accomplished, and skills I would have gained if it had not been for the environment and those in it. You are very lucky to have captured yours and keep it secure, chained, hidden, at your control in your basement. I tried that but years ago it escaped and the thing has refused to let me bind it since, always slipping out of my grasp at the moment I think I have control over it. Congratulations and many well deserved hugs


    • Oh, I’ve not captured anything. I’m not the speaker of the poem. Just trying to express my feelings on environment vs heredity as it pertains to one’s emotional make-up. My guess is anyone who lived in the environment I describe in this piece would not come out OK. Just my guess. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • I think you did great expressing your feelings and the piece was on the mark. good luck and happiness sir. Hugs


    • Thanks, my friend. I ate two cans of re-fried beans before writing this. I find that helps me express…well…a great many things when I write. Hope you’re well and your Halloween was spiffy keen fun. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • 🙂 love your posts, your outlook, and your ideas. Not to sure on the beans ??? But as I sit here on the computer watching Ron sleep, and a cough come out one end and a “burp” the other… Oh well life as we age and welcome to modern maturity. 🙂 Hugs


  4. Great writing. Have you ever watched Dexter?


  5. I like this. Our environment and associations have a lot of influence on who we are


  6. That was dark!

    Like your basement, I guess… /me ducks from self


  7. Marvelously dark. I can see that as a monologue opening a film.


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