New NRA Study Shows Gun Owners Have Bigger Penises

NRA Study Shows Gun Ownership Increases Penis Size

NRA Study Shows, If You Own One Of These, Your Penis Is Big

Little Cock, Arkansas.   The NRA today released the results of a 400 billion dollar study it conducted to show the connection between owning a gun and penis size.  “This study shows, conclusively, that men who own guns have penises that are, on average, 23% bigger than men who do not own guns,” said NRA spokeswoman, Penelope Pubis. “It also shows, quite amazingly, that even women who own guns have a really big penises, metaphorically speaking.   The study was conducted using the utmost care and respect for the privacy of all participants, both gun owners and non-gun owners alike.  Various advanced penile measuring devices were employed and used in a variety of ways too sensitive to discuss publicly.  After 7 months and 400 billion dollars spent, there can be no denying it: those who own guns have bigger penises than those who don’t.  This study also shows, without question, that the primary motivating factor in one buying a gun is not safety, but penis size.  Those with the biggest dicks own guns.  And, yes, this is true even for female gun owners, metaphorically speaking.  ‘Nuff said.”

23 thoughts on “New NRA Study Shows Gun Owners Have Bigger Penises

  1. You had me at: Little Cock, Arkansas. 😀
    The results of a 400 billion dollar study: so they didn’t at all blow the budget then 😀
    Oh man, I love this one!!


  2. The study stands for it self, but one thing I did not see addressed. Do guys who had owned guns yet don’t have one now lost their penises? Are they transsexuals now? I am confused. If you have a really large gun and a big penis, do you have to get a smaller gun as you age to keep the gun penis size ratio correct? So many questions and only you are brave enough to report on such important matters. I wish more organisations had the full scrotum and large member that your blog does. Hugs 🙂

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  3. >>> “… the biggest dicks own guns.”

    We didn’t need a $400 billion study to realize that!


  4. What the study doesn’t mention is that those penises are kept in boxes under their beds 😀


  5. A neighbour of ours refers to men with pitball terriers as having knob extensions!


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