Things The Ocean Might Say


1.) Get these damn ships off’a me!  My back’s breakin’!

2.) Did you kids just pee?  That’s gross!  I don’t pee on you, do I?

3.) Hey, fish!  Stop having sex this minute!  It’s disgusting.  I sleep here, ya’ know.

4.) Yes, my eyes ARE watering.  Have you not noticed all the salt in these parts?

5.) Isn’t telling me to go jump in a lake rather redundant?

6.) No, the water is NOT fine with you coming on into it.

7.) What I most like about the shoreline is how great it is for back scratchin’.

8.) I really wouldn’t mind people tossing beer cans into me if they were full.

9.) I’ll admit it.  Whenever people drop messages in bottles into me, I open them and read them then set ’em adrift again.  You wouldn’t BELIEVE some of the things people write!

10.) No, a guy named Davey Jones does NOT own a locker in here.

13 thoughts on “Things The Ocean Might Say

  1. Ohhhh yeah, that shore feels so good on my back! 😀


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  3. My friend, keep taking what you do.
    This is a good way to start my day


  4. And, no, I’m not rising faster than ever before:


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