A Quick Word From Wonder Woman

Ya know, Superman, it's bad enough you left the damn toilet seat up again, but you dribbled pee all over the floor again, too.  I'm NOT cleaning it up this time!  I swear to Zeus, I'm not!!!

Ya know, Superman, it’s bad enough you left the damn toilet seat up again, but you dribbled pee all over the floor again, too.  I’m NOT cleaning it up this time!  I swear to Zeus, I’m not!!!

20 thoughts on “A Quick Word From Wonder Woman

  1. In our home the question is not if the seat needs to be up or down, but if you sit or stand to pee. Some of us as we get older forget our real measurements, and how strong our stream is in old age. resulting in a puddle that the next person steps in. I normally sit as I can’t stand well, but Ron still thinks he is a 30 year old awesome specimen of manhood, and wants to stand. He really is awesome manhood, but a 60 year old one and I hate roll in after him, lock my walker or wheelchair and stand up to put my feet in a wet spot. However to make more of than I have caused him to doubt himself and I would rather step in a wet spot and wipe my feet than hurt his view of himself. Dang I just realized I really crossed the TMI boundary. OH well I fell tonight giving the cats treats and really don’t care. Maybe this well help another older couple. Hugs and best wishes.


    • I’m sure your comment will, indeed, help some old couple out there. 🙂 $Amen$

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    • Dang I am an old couple… Well that lets out the teen dances and lets in the support hose and orthopedic shoes. Hugs


    • Items I could use myself, along with a nice girdle to hold in my gut. 🙂

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    • Dang my girdle would have to be extra strength made of Kevlar just to hold back the “moving wave of motion”. In my life the belly will do what the belly wants and woe to any one who interferes with it, as it punishes one severely with things like cramps and diarrhea. Really my belly and I have not gotten along since Ron and I became a couple, I was working nights in a boring job so he packed me a rather large outside cooler for lunches as I ate when bored. My boss was less than happy as I went from 120 and a 26 inch waist to something that needed new uniforms ( which legally they had to provide ) every six months. I loved it and I have to tell you, the people I worked with, who couldn’t get their wives to do a third of what Ron did for me, they were really jealous. However I did develop a belly and my pants size was no longer 26. In a strange twist of fate, my doctors are now worried at my weight loss , not my current size or my young adult weight gain. Did you sir gain weight in your 20’s? Did you enjoy it. I use to suck down racks of ribs, hamburgers, platters of stir fry, and so much more, pizzas , we had to order one for just me, and I ate theirs also. Ah those were the great days. Such not caring abandon. Hugs


    • Over the past 2 or 3 years I’ve gained A LOT of weight. I likes to eat. Working hard now to reduce it as I wish not to die, but it sure isn’t as much fun as putting it on.

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    • Not to ask for too much info but are you by any chance diabetic? In the past is was almost impossible for diabetics to lose weight, but I recently learned of a new med my two very, very , very large friends went on for their sugar problems and they both lost a huge amount of weight. The lady lost 100 pounds and man lost several hundred. Just a thought if you want me to ask them. However I was like you mentioned. After I couldn’t work anymore and as my life got smaller and smaller, I gained 30 pounds. I went up to almost 200. Then now with my not being able to stomach real food, I am dropping weight so fast my doctors are very concerned. I thought they would be happy, less weight , less strain on my sad sack bones, ( which is what they wanted ) but now they want to make a big deal of it. I have only lost between 10 and 15 pound in this month. I guess they have to have something to go after. I know what I would like to go after, but as this a holy family blog I wont type it. OH by the way I use to love to eat also, I told Ron it was one of the joys I had left, but now, my tummy will throw it back on the floor rather than take it..But it does so I tell him I am too tired. loves and hugs


    • Not yet. I’m trying to avoid that at all costs.


    • don’t lose too much too quick, it can lead to a lot of problems and also, they are finding that older people with “some meat on their bones” live better than and longer than really skinny old people. Hugs


    • Thanks for your advice, my friend. Much appreciated. 🙂


  2. The dribble is inevitable if he wears his underpants are on the outside! Come to think of it: how does he manage to expose the super mannikin for peeing – considering his peculiar dress sense?


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