Study Reveals 97% Of Americans Believe Budapest Is A Type Of Insect

97% Of Americans Believe This Is A Budapest

97% Of Americans Believe This Is A Buddha Pest

Ignorant Town, Pennsylvania.   Penn State University’s professor of surveys, Sans Everythin, announced today that when asked if Budapest was a city in Hungary or an insect pest that bothered the Buddha, 97% of Americans said it was, indeed, an insect that bothered the Buddha.  “Actually,” Professor Everythin said, “most Americans I surveyed thought Hungary was simply a state of being and had no idea it was also the name of a country in Europe.  Thus, that 97% of them believe Budapest is an insect that pestered the Buddha can’t really be seen as all that surprising.  Americans, I must say, continue to show the world they simply aren’t the brightest candles on the International birthday cake.”

22 thoughts on “Study Reveals 97% Of Americans Believe Budapest Is A Type Of Insect

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  2. You’ll be pleased to know the Faust’s have taken their Ask the Bigot website into ‘private mode’ 😉


  3. This was indeed divinely inspired. However, I suspect that most of my country folks would be as confused. I know I was! Though I’m still of the opinion that the pope the rides a popsicle.


  4. Ad Sarah Palin believes In Sect to be the new fangled religion maybe?


  5. You, my friend, are brilliant.
    Hungary is a state of being and Budapest bothered the Buddha! Very original

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  6. Sometimes I wonder if posts like this aren’t real. Seriously, what percentage of Americans would answer this question correctly if asked in a multiple choice format? 50%? 60%? – probably not much more than that.


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  8. Sans Everythin…. Brilliant. Simply B R I L L I A N T


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