Happy Contraction And Delivery Day

Happy Contractions And Delivery Day To Mothers Everywhere From The Arm Chair Pontificator

Happy Contraction And Delivery Day To Mothers Everywhere From The Staff Of The Arm Chair Pontificator.  We Hope Your Labor Was, Or Will Be,  An Easy One.


28 thoughts on “Happy Contraction And Delivery Day

  1. Very clever and funny btw 😀

  2. Yay, I got it straight away, even though Labour day is over! Can you give me a little pat on the back? Remember that I’m french and living in the UK 😉

  3. HA!! Brilliant! ;D

  4. Unfortunately in the UK every day at the moment is Tory day! Be a nice change to have a Labour day. 🙂

  5. Took me a moment, but I finally got it lol!

    But I am still on my 1st cup of coffee…

  6. All those celebrating Labor day to remember it is the unionists that fought for better working conditions. So they spare a moment for all of the great men and women who died in the fight.

  7. Nice one!

    It’s Independence Day down here

  8. Hilarious! Born free!

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