A Few Words From A Neurotic Narcoleptic

Nancy Night Night, The Neurotic Narcoleptic

Nancy Night Knight,  A Neurotic Narcoleptic

Snore Town,  Maine.     Hello.  My name is Nancy Night Knight, and I’m a neurotic narcoleptic…..zzzzz…….Oh, excuse me.  Did I nod off?  Sorry, I do that some…zzzzzz….Damn it!  I did it again, didn’t I?  It makes me a self-conscious nervous wreck when I……zzzzzz….SHIT!!!  I hate this!  I just know it’s all my fault and I’m……zzzzzz……Oh, how awful of me.   I’m SO sorry.  I’m just worried that one day I’ll fall asleep like that and……zzzzzzz……What?  What was I saying?  Oh, never mind.   Say, is that coffee you’re drinking?  Can I have……zzzzzzz….You know, this is rather……zzzzzz……YAWN!  Oh.  Good morning.  I must have over slept.  I worry that one day I’ll over sleep and then……zzzzzz….OOPS!  Sorry.  I gotta run.  There’s a lot more I had to say, but I’ve got to drive over to my granddaughter’s grade school and pick her up from…….zzzzzz…….

19 thoughts on “A Few Words From A Neurotic Narcoleptic

  1. Feeling a little jealous of Nancy Night Knight (lol @the name) as I have such trouble sleeping myself!


  2. Hello TACP. I have a few medical / legal questions. Not sure how to phrase them, and not sure you want them on such a respectable high society blog like yours… but if you will indulge me? Is sex with such a person as her, with a Neurotic Narcoleptic, called sex with the dead? IS it rape as she slept through it? OR worse if she sleeps through it does that mean the other person has to have therapy for self sex esteem. At the least does it mean you need to do the sex act again so she can enjoy it so your not called a selfish bastard? So many questions, my head will explode. No not that one, the other one. 🙂 Thank you for such a thought provoking post. You are a wise master of knowledge and information sir. Many hugs


  3. That would be a horrible condition. Sleep may come at very embarrassing moments


  4. A friend of mine at school had that sleeping condition. It was really quite fascinating… he’d just nod off, just like that. Can’t recall how many times we shaved his eyebrows 😉

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  5. Don’t do it, Nancy! Don’t get behind the wheel of a car cuz you might not ever wake up!

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