Interview With A Mime

Silent Town, Oregon.    An old mime friend of mine, Meme D. Mime, stopped by The Arm Chair Pontificator office yesterday to return a pen he borrowed from me in the 90’s.   In order to prevent me from kicking his ass for taking so long to return it, Meme agreed to be interviewed for the site.   The interview, completely unaltered from when I first made it up, follows below.


ACP:  Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed, Meme.  Though, I gotta tell ya, I’m still tempted to kick your ass for taking so long to return my pen.  Just not cool dude.  Pens aren’t easy to come by.  What do you have to say for yourself?


Meme D. Mime:combat-de-mime


ACP:  Oh, don’t be a pussy, Meme.  I’m just fuckin’ with you.  Ya gotta lighten up a bit.  You’ll give yourself a heart attack.


Meme D. Mime:  cartoon-mime-hug


ACP:   What?  You want a hug?  OK.  Just this once, but don’t tell anyone.  I’ve a reputation to uphold.


Meme D. Mime:  Mime-web


ACP:  OK.  You’re welcome.  Now, let’s get back to the questions.  Since I haven’t seen you in a few years, I was wondering, what have you been doing with yourself to make a living?


Meme D. Mime:  mimes_4a41a107b7f61_hires


ACP:  Really?  You’ve been touring with the musical Cats playing Rum Tum Tugger?  I had no idea you could sing.   You’ve got to get me tickets next time you’re in town with the show.  It’ll make up for the pen you took 20 years to return to me.


Meme D. Mime: mimewear


ACP:   What do you mean you’ve got to think about that?  You’re an a-hole, pal.  You know that?


Meme D. Mime: mime-cartoon-002


ACP:  Oh, so you were just fuckin’ with me this time, eh?  OK.  You got me.  You can have one more hug, but then ya probably should go.  It’s gettin’ so sugary sweet in here I’m gettin’ a tooth ache.


Meme D. Mime:  boston-mime


ACP:   You’re outta here, eh?  OK, Meme.  Good seeing you.  Stop by again soon, and remember, get me tickets to Cats when you’re in town with the show.  Bye now.

14 thoughts on “Interview With A Mime

  1. Mimes are cool. Remember Marcel Marceau? But am really looking forward to when your dog interviews you.


  2. I don’t know, man. I think you should get that promise for the tickets in writing…oh wait…I think he still has the pen….


  3. Love it again!! Best interview EVER (because it was the funniest ever)


  4. You clever, clever thing.

    I can see a kitten interview coming next.


  5. excellent, best interview i have read so far


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