The Love Of Christians

The love of Christianity can not be more clearly shown than in this lovely video my good friend, Victoria posted in a reply on my friend Mak’s  blog:   If this lovely, perfectly harmonized tune, doesn’t illustrate to you the pure evil, immorality, and deep sickness that is Christianity, then nothing will.

16 thoughts on “The Love Of Christians

  1. Fucking hell! I can’t say anything…fucking revolting goes and cry in despair that those people are fucking real


  2. Wasn’t that the weirdest thing you’ve ever saw. And the look on the woman’s face makes it a million times creepier. I’m still having nightmares.


  3. and they cheered to the tunes


  4. I struggled to watch so many people smiling, cheering and clapping for the idea of beating a child with a belt. I shut if off half way through. If you have to beat a child, you have already lost. I did like the post. Thanks and hugs.


    • $Amen$ to christian child abuse! The a-holes!

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    • yes. I wonder sometimes, do these adults who do this, who use over whelming force on children, what do they think they really are accomplishing. DO they think the are installing lofty ideals and goals with each welt, tear, and scream. Or do they know that what they are installing instead is anger, and fear. Hugs


  5. OH my, nothing like some homegrown child abuse


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