Menu From The Last Supper Discovered In Cave Near Dead Sea

This 2000 Year Old Menu For Mexican Food Was Found In A Jug Inside A Cave Near The Dead Sea.  It Is Believed To Be The Very Menu Used By Jesus And The Disciples During Their Last Supper Together

This 2000 Year Old Menu For Mexican Food Was Found In A Jug Inside A Cave Near The Dead Sea. It Is Believed To Be The Very Menu Used By Jesus And The Disciples During Their Last Supper Together

Necrophiliac City, Israel.    In news today that has anachronistically rocked Christendom, Biblical scholar and professional ballet dancer, Idont Wana Kissya, announced he has discovered the menu used by Jesus and his disciples during the last supper. “I was practicing some pirouettes this morning in a dark, dry, smelly cave near the Dead Sea,” Mr. Kissya said. ” In the midst of one of my more spectacular twirls, I tripped over an old, clay jug and knocked the lid off of it.  Inside I found a menu for Mexican food that was signed by Jesus and all twelve of his disciples with the words, ‘For The Last Time’, written on it in sheep’s blood.  Even though the anachronistic nightmare this creates is hard to get one’s mind around, I can not help but believe the document to be 100% authentic and just over 2000 years old.    When dealing with Jesus, we must never forget we’re dealing with a timeless, space-less, immaterial, boundless being for whom the laws of physics and common sense do not apply.  The menu will be taken to Turin, Italy were it will be locked away with the famous burial shroud of Jesus that’s kept there for people to gaze at once every few hundred years or so.  In the meantime, for those Christians interested, if you wish to be closer to Jesus tonight, order a few steak burritos.  We now have undeniable proof they were Christ’s favorite food.”

22 thoughts on “Menu From The Last Supper Discovered In Cave Near Dead Sea

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  2. OMG you had me at “Necrophiliac City” 😀


  3. I dunno, something seems fishy about this story. I have seen Mr. kissya’s twirls on YouTube and they weren’t all that spectacular…


  4. A friend of mine wrote a play once where the Bronte sisters were hated by their neighbors because of all the cat food cans they left around the bins. I have been a huge fan of the anachronism ever since.


  5. With no indoor plumbing ( not that they stayed in doors much ) the local woods around the campsite must have been full of smelly “land mines”? Well it does explain why that one guy denied him, he did not want to get stuck with the check! You always get the best news scoop. Hugs


  6. Interesting! So Jesus loved Mexican too eh


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  8. I heard the rumour, ‘If it’s OK for Mexicans it’s OK by me’ – Donald Trump confessed that to me when ‘in drink’


    • Trump’s one of the brightest, kindest fellows who’ve ever lived. 🙂

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    • I’ve been following the tosser for weeks…Yours, A Worried European who once thought Reagan a bit odd!


    • Trump takes the weirdo cake. Also, he’s an ENORMOUS asshole.

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    • Don’t worry too much. I can’t imagine Trump actually wanting to be president. If he gets the nomination (which he might actually want because I doubt he cares if he screws over the Republican Party) we need to worry about who he chooses to run with him for vice-president.

      Regan had, in fact, been Governor of California, so he was, by that point, a politician.

      Also, during the last two presidential elections the Republicans had a parade of “front-runners” many of whom seemed very improbable, then they calmed down and nominated Romney and McCain, neither of whom I liked, but they’re not total crackpots.

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    • Trump & Palin! Please tell me that could never happen!


  9. What is not generally known is that Jeez not only changed water into wine but he also changed bacon into lamb. Kosher lamb nogal. Can you beat that? Being a Philistine, I prefer bacon but WDIK!?


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