I Have A Confession To Make: I’m A Cannibal And I Worship Satan

Recently, I’ve decided to be more honest with myself and others in hopes of getting the Nobel Prize Committee to GET OFF IT’S COLLECTIVE ASS and give me my NOBEL PRIZE already!  So, I’ve a huge confession to make.

The Sign Of My Master, Satan

The Sign Of My Master, Satan

Not only do I eat Christian children and love it, I firmly believe in Satan, a magical invisible guy, and I’ve devoted my entire life, each and every breath of it, to Him and His insipid evil ways. Every night I strip down to a thin silver thong, cover my nipples in garlic butter, and chant morally deprived incantations to the scourge of all Christians, the “E” in all Evil, and the “A” in all atheism, Satan. The mushroom induced incantation I recently recited for my Lord and Master went something like this.

Oh great, nasty, mother fuckin’ Satan! You are soooo nasty and mother fuckin’ rotten! In honor of you and your limitless depravity, today I pushed an old man down to the pavement and told him I did it because I wanted to be more like you. Then I took his wallet and threw it down a sewer while calling him a sissy and a barnyard animal-fucker.  Oh, the fun I had doing it!

Oh, nasty, nasty mother fuckin’ evil one! Oh, enemy of Christians! Oh, bringer of bad smells! I know you’re real, and that you will reward me with many sexually perverted women who’ll use me as their love bitch simply because I have Faith in you.

And it is by Faith, and Faith alone, that I know you are, with absolute and undeniable certainty, real. My Faith in you, oh, Lord of all fecal matter, is infallible and perfect. This is obvious to all who share my Faith in you.  And lastly, oh, ceaseless torturer of puppies and senseless paralyzer of children, I meditated on my Faith in you for a very long time today and concluded it was not possible I could be wrong about your evil existence.  Thus, it is without refute that I know you exist in a timeless, space-less, immaterial, boundless shit-hole somewhere and are as real as real can be.  Bless you my evil Lord, and thank you for helping me become the nasty no-good-nik I proudly am today.

16 thoughts on “I Have A Confession To Make: I’m A Cannibal And I Worship Satan

  1. As one of your million of readers, I say you should have that Nobel Prize ALREADY! Loving your attempt to impress the committee 😉


  2. Oh I forgot to mention…your description sounds how I was described in my youth when drunk ????? 🙂 Hugs


  3. I love your work…that said…However sir really, I could have lived the rest of my life WITHOUT the image of you in a thong, dancing around chanting in tongues, with barbecue sauce from stinky fatty children’s strips. By the way, do you get them at Costco’s? Are children of other religions better as they are not so fatty, although some maybe just as full of shit. Do you have to do the shit cleaning at home, or can you buy them already cleaned of shit. If they are already cleaned of shit, are they still religious children? Great now I have a headache, and will go join my son in throwing up in the second bathroom. 🙂 Hugs


  4. Allah is going to be pissed when he/she finds out! You made me think of that Adam Sandler movie. Was it Little Nicky? That was probably the character… My memory ain’t what it, hey a squirrel!


  5. On your behalf, I sent a petition to the Nobel Committee; unfortunately, due to translation errors, it arrived at Oslo Knobbly Committee for Notable Knock-Knees.

    But if you continue to pursue the high-level of prosody manifest in your prayer here, I’m sure you will win something… and if you have knock-knees, I know you will!


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