Meet Marvel Comics Newest Hero, The Preposterous Pant Man


The Preposterous Pant Man

The Preposterous Pant Man   When Confronting An Evil Villain, The Pant Man Transforms Himself Into A Shark-Empowered Pair Of Pants, Slips Onto The Legs Of The Villain, And Gnaws His Way To Victory.


15 thoughts on “Meet Marvel Comics Newest Hero, The Preposterous Pant Man

  1. I have to admit as a child having those teeth right at my favorite new toy would have been more trauma than I could stand. Hugs

  2. You are under a lot of inspiration lately

  3. Odd, he looks like a lady I once dated.

  4. That’s actually strangely believable. He can move about the world being worn by teenagers.

  5. I can vouch for it. My son had a pair of those pants when he was in diapers. That shark gnawed at my brains (via the conduit of my nose) during times of poopage. That must be why I lost my imagination and can no longer believe in jeebus.

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