Creationist Proves Science Full Of Poo-Poo

Immaterial City, Louisianan.     In stunning news today, Creationist and boys gym instructor, Arnold B. Crappin released a statement saying he’s proven science is stupid and only an idiot would think otherwise.  “Science is not only the tool of Satan,” Mr. B. Crappin said this morning, “it’s an outright fabricated bunch of poo-poo.  I have undeniable proof of this in the fabricated, photo-shopped pictures of “Pluto” NASA has recently released.  NASA claims a spacecraft swooped by Pluto and took the picture below.

Photo-Shopped Picture Of An Egg NASA Claims Is Pluto

Photo-Shopped Picture Of An Egg NASA Claims To Be “Pluto”

Creationism has finally found the last nail to drive into the casket of the stupid bologna known as science.  The above picture is so OBVIOUSLY fake, it is almost laughable.  It is very clearly a photo-shopped, and badly photo-shopped at that, picture of an egg that the ding-bats at NASA want us to believe is Pluto.   Do they REALLY expect normal, intelligent Christians to believe a “spacecraft” flew through space for nine years to take this picture?  How bloody stupid do they think we are?  Not even God could create a ship that could do that.  It is just ignorant and rude to think otherwise.

As final proof the pictures NASA is releasing are fake, I present the following photograph of the REAL Pluto.

The Real Pluto

The Real Pluto

Oopszilla, NASA!  You’ve been caught with your lying pants down this time.  EVERYONE knows the REAL Pluto is Mickey Mouse’s dog and lives with him in Disney Land, not a planetoid floating around in space billions of miles away.  The evidence I’ve presented here is irrefutable proof that science is a lie and full of poo-poo.  If you think otherwise, well….well, you’re a stupid, unimaginative atheist.  ‘Nuff said.”

31 thoughts on “Creationist Proves Science Full Of Poo-Poo

  1. Pssst. I think that is Charon.

    Poor little people, those who believe their ancient magic book is the guide to reality. There may be a few good points buried among the rest of the hate, murder, jealousy, genocide, slavery, rape, betrayal, and incest. But they are few and far between.


  2. I am glad you set things straight. I can see clearly now, the rain has gone. Keep on blogging in a free world – The False Prophet


  3. Did you say immaterial city? That is where you had me.
    And I like that picture of pluto


  4. I see your Pluto and raise you a Krypto! 😉


  5. I don’t know..Pluto is well traveled for a dog. I often go to Disney World and I see him there every time. So if he lives at Disney Land, then he either has a magic carpet, a really fast comfortable people mover, or super fast tram car between the two. If that is the case maybe he has one for way out in the solar system so he can poop, pee, and molest other planets with out Mikey having to pick up the mess or the press getting embarrassing pictures ??? What do you think. Such suspense is hard on the liver..along with bourbon. Lots of Bourbon. 🙂 Hugs


  6. I can confirm that is indeed the REAL Pluto 😉


  7. Nooooo! Any idjit can see that YOUR Pluto is female – thus your photo is a FAKE. An EVOLUTIONARY hoax conspiracy. I’ll get Ken Ha(r)m to come AND GET YOU!!!

    Besides the bible says Pluto was created about 6 th. yrs ago.


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