U.S. Sends Drones To Bomb Britain In Celebration Of The 4th Of July

The "God Bless America" Drone On Its Way To Bomb London This Morning

The God Bless America Drone On Its Way To Bomb London This Morning

Bombsville, Alabama.   The United States sent several drones this morning to bomb various cities throughout Great Britain as a way to celebrate the Fourth of July.  “Hell, it was only 239 years ago that the Declaration of Independence was signed signifying our freedom from the tyranny that was, and still is, Great Britain,” said Texas Republican Senator, Jerry “Big Package” McGroin this morning.  “We here in America have long memories, and we’ve not forgotten the horrors we suffered under British rule two and a half centuries ago.  We’ve not forgotten, and, by God, we’ve not forgiven either!  So instead of a nationally televised fireworks display to celebrate the Fourth of July this year, we’ve decided to blow half of Great Britain to hell with our bad-ass, unmanned, military drones.   Sorry, you Limey bastards, but you’ll be eating your fish and chips from the smoldering wreckage that was your country tonight.  Maybe after this you’ll think twice about tyrannically repressing and over taxing your colonies, eh?   Happy Independence Day America!  And God bless each and every one of you who live in this great land of the free and home of the brave.”

28 thoughts on “U.S. Sends Drones To Bomb Britain In Celebration Of The 4th Of July

  1. Hahaha so that’s what that noise was yesterday? I’m afraid the bombs were malfunctioning or something coz I heard multiple commotions but no explosions 😛


  2. No need to bomb the Brits — we’ve already taken it out on the Native Americans and African Americans. Praise Jebus, and $Amen$


  3. Happy 4th of July my friend.


  4. Naturally I’ve shared this splendid piece on Facebook and Twitter…hope that’s OK!


  5. “Rule, Britannia! Britannia, rule the waves!”

    … but, apparently not the skies!


  6. Damn straight! What did the Brits ever do for the US??


  7. Hey now, we celebrate the fourth of July over here too… we just call it colonial treason day!! 😉


  8. Yes, I heard the bombs this morning. You know I live across the North Sea – and just like Ms. Palin I can see Brittain (the Evil Empire) from my house, just looking to the west.


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