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Please Remember To Extinguish Your Cigarettes Before Filling Your Auto With Fuel.  Should The Lit Cigarette Come Into Contact With The Gasoline, A Horrible Explosion Could Result.  Thank You.   Mahatma Gandhi, circa 1942

Please Remember To Extinguish Your Cigarettes Before Filling Your Auto With Fuel. Should The Lit Cigarette Come Into Contact With The Gasoline, A Horrible Explosion Could Result. Thank You.  Mahatma Gandhi, circa 1942


30 thoughts on “Famous Quote For Today

  1. The beginning of the Ghandi quote reminds me of a neighbor who once gave a series of lectures at our local library. His now famous first words were:
    Good evening. First of all, please remember to light your cellphones within an hour or so – after I will have answered the last question, thank you.-


  2. Interesting fact, when I was a kid I was over at a friends house, his dad was out in the garage working on a lawn mower. There was a small bucket with gas in it, he had used to clean parts with, and he had a cigarette dangling out of his mouth. I said something along the lines of “isn’t it dangerous to smoke so close to that bucket of gas?” He looked at me, took a drag from the cigarette, and tossed it into the bucket, then gave me the look. Turns out you can toss a lit cigarette butt straight into a small bucket of gas and it does not explode. It just puts the butt out.

    Hollywood movies be damned.


    • HOW DARE YOU DOUBT THE WORDS OF THE GREAT GANDHI!!!!!! Oh, fuck it! Never mind. I just made this shit up and don’t really care. I did have a friend once drop a lit cigarette into a bottle of turpentine, and it burst into flame, a HUGE flame, so, maybe, just maybe, my made up Gandhi shit is right. 🙂


    • BTW, the concern about lit cigs around gas pumps isn’t the liquid gas. It’s the fumes. A lit cig can set off one hell of an explosion if the gas fumes ignite. So, I suggest you listen to Gandhi and stop being a smart-ass in regards to gas pump safety, OK? 🙂


    • Lol! Yeah I know, it’s the fumes that are explosive, not necessarily the gas in liquid form. The gas bucket was open to the air, your turpentine event was in a bottle that probably still had a lot of fumes unvented.

      I’m still not sure why every car that wrecks in the movies blows up? I mean damn, I’m afraid now if I have a flat the car may blow… 🙂

      There was a time when my Camaro caught fire one day, but that was due to a caliper lockup and trying to limp it home @ 5 mph. There was a whoomf! And I saw a greenish flame shoot out about a foot higher than the hood. Good thing I had a fire extinguisher.


    • I get very flammable myself, or my ass does, whenever I eat Mexican food. If someone behind me lites a cig when I’m out walkin’ after I’ve eaten it…BOOM!!! Instant explosion. 🙂


    • That is definately a case of toxic, explosive fumes. 🙂 I’ll bet a nickel you were a blue flamer as a kid 😉 I was at a friends house, the usual hangout when we were kids, one night the guys were blue flaming, I laughed my ass off.


    • You’ve not enjoyed life unless you’ve blue-flamed at least once.


    • I refuse to acknowledge that I have lived, oh damn! Wait a minute, no I haven’t! lol


    • Everyone else was doing it!


    • If you can toast a marshmallow with a blue flame, you’re a true man.


    • Lol I want to see that on Youtube.

      Who eats the marshmallow?


    • THAT I’d like to know.


    • I guess that would be the final test of manliest man!


  3. Haha Jeff. You really are funny


  4. I heard there’s a new french law which prohibits people to smoke in cars, at least if there are children in it.


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