89% Of Americans Think The French Talk Funny

According To Most Americans, People Who Live Here Talk Funny

According To Most Americans, People Who Live Here Talk Funny

French Toast Town, France.   Shocking news was released today by MIT Linguists Professor, Connie Servative in regards to a 15 year study she conducted to determine what percentage of Americans think the French talk funny.  “Precisely 89% of Americans have a feeling deep in their gut that French people talk funny,” Professor Servative said earlier.  “That is a much higher number than the 34% I expected to find 15 years ago when I first began this exhaustive study.   As any decent American can tell you, French people speak in a strange, primitive language that is nowhere near as advanced as the superior form of American we Americans speak.  However, I did not expect so many Americans I surveyed to say French people sounded funny when they talk.  Americans usually have much better manners than to admit such thoughts out loud to people they don’t really know.   Since so many of them did admit this to me, I can only conclude that, indeed, not only do French people speak a language much more primitive than American, it also sounds funny when they speak it.  Hopefully the results of this survey will help the French move into the 21st Century and learn proper American like we Americans speak.  Perhaps then so many Americans won’t think they sound funny when they talk.”


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  1. Laughing my ass off! As a French woman I can only agree that we do indeed “talk funny” – I’m trying real hard to learn proper american like you guys speak, but boy is it difficult! Especially when you guys are from the deep south 😀

  2. I’m pretty sure 87% of Americans think Texans talk funny. I’m sure 99% of Texans believe America is a sub state of Texas.

    I am pretty sure Bostonians talk funny.

    I knew a French – Indian guy (he didn’t mind referring to himself as a coon ass) when I was a young lad working on the deck of a towboat. Couldn’t understand a thing he said, but he was tough S.O.B. At the time I thought he talked funny.

    Thing is, and having been all over this country several times, accents are local. You drive 3-400 miles in any direction you will encounter a dominant accent in a region. That always sorta struck me as funny, in an odd way.

  3. OH my Gods, so Americain, and so true…the rest of the world forgive us kindergartners. Us young ones need to learn better manners but our elders are busy shooting at each other…Ie. the Hatfields and Mccoys, dems and reps, white against black, south against north, coast against mid section of the country. Hard to learn our school lessons when our elders can’t decide which version of history and revisions to believe. It keeps changing, from grade to grade. Oh well, maybe we can get the world to give us a few candies and go to bed happy….Thanks. ( by the way I love this post for what it implies ) Hugs

  4. Oooh those French with their baguettes and croissant!! … hang on, I love baguettes and croissant!! 😉

  5. Everyone talks funny, others more than others

  6. True true, seriously, true. You got that right!

  7. Notwithstanding the fact that a good chunk of the English mongrel language stems from the French! Nice one

    • The American language is supreme because, well, because it’s American, and god bless America!!!!

    • Do Americans know that even the word ‘America’ was not born of English! Comes from 16th century explorer Amerigo Vespucci – not that Republicans or the religious lot would have that!

    • That’s not the kind of thing they teach kids in American schools. It doesn’t involve Jesus and apple pie, and it reeks of liberal, un-American sentiment, even though it is the truth. Tolkien allegedly wrote Lord of the Rings Because he felt England lacked a true myth that was created purely by the English. He blamed this on the French invasion of 1066. He felt the culture and the language of the English was too mixed up with the French to be called its own. Thus, he wrote Lord of the Rings, a myth created, if you will, purely by an Englishman out of England. I think he did an amazing job. 🙂

    • Robin Hood, King Arthur etc. all without foundation, all English that many believe ‘true’ stories from history…makes you wonder what JC did that was so great he got the son of God gig really!

    • Indeed.

  8. Well that just dills my pickle.

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