All Black, All Gay Musical Theatre Company Performs At Westboro Baptist Church

Westboro Baptist Church

Westboro Baptist Church

Cornfield, Nebraska.  Parishioners of the Phelps family’s Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas got a lot more than their usual mix of gay-bashing and Christ-loving last Sunday when a Musical Theater Company of 25 black, gay men meet them at the doors to their church and insisted on performing several Broadway show tunes before allowing them to enter. “It was utterly spectacular,” said Theodor Rumpelbutt, executive producer and vocal coach for the company.

 Producer And Vocal Director, Theodor Rumpelstein

Producer And Vocal Coach, Theodor Rumpelbutt

“The looks on the faces of those white, bigoted, homophobes when we burst into song were simply priceless. Those hate-mongers were not expecting to find 25 gay black dudes dressed in full Broadway musical regalia singing show tunes in front of their church when they arrived. Kind of how folks going to a funeral for a son or daughter who was killed while serving their country must feel when they arrive to THEIR church only to find the hate-mongering Phelps family and their cronies outside holding anti-gay protest signs. Sucks. Really, it does. We sang our black, gay hearts out for them though and never once said a derogatory thing about them. We did, however, tell them we’d be back to do the same every time they decided to show up anywhere for any reason with their anti-gay hate-filled signs. We decided the best way to make them stop bothering people with their bigotry was to immerse them in the thing the hate most, us.”

27 thoughts on “All Black, All Gay Musical Theatre Company Performs At Westboro Baptist Church

  1. I find it difficult to discern the difference between a member of Westboro Babtist church and the enemies I was sworn to defend the country against. They live not by the grace of their false God of hate but by the grace of those they seek to disrespect.


  2. This will help me sleep so much better tonight. Thank you.


  3. The title itself had me laughing…!


  4. Haha I love how you go totally over the top: it’s gay and black! I’m guessing there were a few coronaries in that church? Must have been 😉


  5. Oh pleeeeease tell me they were all in drag, too! It would complete the image in my head. 🙂 Too funny!


  6. I shall share this one! Mind that maybe in the morning when not on a fucking mobile!


  7. Are the Phelps’ family still a problem?


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