And Now, 3 Questions With Curly Howard

Curly Howard, from The Three Stooges, rose from the grave today and stopped by my office for a beer and a laugh.  I took this miraculous event as an opportunity to ask Curly 3 questions I’d prepared for him should he ever return from the dead.  Here are the questions and Curly’s answers.

Curly Reciting A Poem

Curly Reciting A Poem

One: What is your opinion on “Militant Skeptics?”

Curly: “Ah,WOO! WOO! WOO! WOO! WOO! WOO!  Doze guys are victums ov COI-CUMSTANSES! Day figger day kin be rude ‘n angry ‘cauz day pointin’ out one-sided tinkin’ but fail ta see der doin’ da same ting! Say! Lookit da grouse!”

Two: Do you believe in a god or an afterlife of some kind?

Curly: “Why SOIT-ENT-LEE! I jus’ come back from da dead, ya knucklehead, ya! God is Moe!! An’ he tol’ me if I said utterwize, he’d MOI-DUR-ATE me fer it!”

Three: And Last, I’d like to ask you to recite one of your deep, meaningful poems, reflective of today’s world, if you wouldn’t mind.

Curly: “SOIT-ENT-LEE! ‘Gee fly, on da White House wall, ain-cha got no sense a’ tall? Ain-cha got no meds fer folk? Ain-cha got no tax ta chuck? Gee, fly, ya really suck!’ Toodle loo all.”

7 thoughts on “And Now, 3 Questions With Curly Howard

  1. You get the best guest. Hey when one comes back from the they have a strange smell, can they get drunk if they try hard enough? Hugs


  2. Whatever language Curly speaks, I suggest he remains in the land of the dead lo.


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