Human Race Sues God And Wins

The Proud And Self-Reliant Human Race

The Proud And Self-Reliant Human Race

The Human Race shocked the world and itself today when it was awarded unlimited free access to Paradise, Eden, and all Disney produced films from now until the end of days as settlement in its lawsuit against God for child endangerment, reckless abandonment, and gross criminal negligence dating back to its creation.  “We just got tired of all the silence,” said Jill Filmeup, a human, and representative of her race.  “To give birth to us and then just toss us to the proverbial wolves as infants without so much as a phone call on Christmas is not acceptable behavior.  No other parent would be excused for treating a child in such a way, and God is no exception.  He’ll never admit it, but I personally believe His main problem is He’s a type ‘A’ personality who felt driven to create the universe and human beings before He was actually ready for the responsibility of it all.  He really needed to sort out His shit before creating kids.  As any parent will tell you, having children isn’t easy, and it takes A LOT of your time. You can’t just leave an infant in the woods to fend for itself because caring for it is harder than you’d thought it would be.  One’s responsibilities change when one decides to have kids, and God tried to brush away His by telling us His ways are just too mysterious for us to comprehend, and we shouldn’t even try.  We did try, and we do understand. You, God, are a lazy, negligent parent. Period.  Hopefully this ruling will help HIM understand this. But, even if it does, getting Him to honor it isn’t going to be easy.”

61 thoughts on “Human Race Sues God And Wins

  1. God’s main excuse is that he resides in Heaven and as everybody knows, there is no cell service or call backs from Heaven. The Spiritualists are basing their own lawsuit on the confirmation of lack of service. 🙂


  2. Hahahaha I love this! 😄 great stuff!!


  3. Gee, God sounds like some toothless rednecks I have heard of. 🙂 Hugs


  4. The only difference between god and my dad is that my dad at least came back and apologized after he left us.


  5. And after having two and not being able to control them, he goes and has 6+billion more! Seriously lack of parental judgement, in my opinion!


  6. Reblogged this on The Blogging Path and commented:

    Whoo-hoo! Give it up for human consciousness to disagree with God and his invisible forces of Evil!I As per a “borrowed/stolen” thought, the change for peace MUST originate with God and pals. Other than that, enjoy the free rides.


  7. 38 comments! Crikey God will have you you know – talking about Him behind his back like that! Clever concept by the way!


  8. We will appeal this ruling and we will win in the celestial court, god.


  9. For the record — I’ve experienced my fair share of abuse from religion. I won’t keep my mouth shut until our government stops giving religion in the U.S. tax exempt status. The government is literally rewarding abuse on a mass scale while ‘holy’ abusers laugh all the way to the bank.

    They promote tribalism and increased gray matter volume in the right amygdala (fear and anxiety).


    • Yep. Tax exempt. Ain’t that a bitch! We can’t socialize medicine, but we can give organizations that believe in invisible shit tax exempt status on EVERYTHING involving them. Fuck that.


    • Yeah, don’t even get me started.

      “Flush with cash and ancient hatreds, American evangelicals are incubating a Christian right in secular Europe

      And as evangelical Christianity and other conservative religious movements gain force in Europe, the American right is finding more allies on the Continent. Cumulatively, their victories may be changing the global climate on some of the biggest social issues of our time.”


      I am reminded of a quote by Aldous Huxley:

      “That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons that history has to teach.”


    • Scary stuff. Sam Harris is of the opinion it is NOT OK to be quiet and not question religion and its followers for fear of offending them. Though I now agree with this, it took me awhile to get there. It isn’t OK that I can’t run for office in this country and say I’m an a-theist because I’d run the risk of being burned alive for saying it. That’s bullshit. And wrong. It is time for us all shout out for truth and freedom from the oppression religion threatens to further enmesh us all in before it’s too late to do so.


    • Again, I concur. Silence is a form of consent. It’s pathetic that atheists in the U.S. are considered the most distrusted and hated minority group in America, and this belief hasn’t budged in 30 years. I’m sure you are also aware of the research showing that Americans have more trust for a rapist than an atheist. Now talk about fucked up.

      Perhaps you also saw this in the news last week?


  10. “His ways are just too mysterious for us to comprehend, and we shouldn’t even try.”

    Translation: G-d doesn’t know squat about the human brain – nor anything else HE claims HE created.

    “You can’t just leave an infant in the woods to fend for itself because caring for it is harder than you’d thought it would be.”

    That was a great analogy with regard to children. Continuing this analogy, you’d think this G-d, who claims to be all-knowing, would know that HIS own neglect to HIS children is classified as abuse; and such neglect leads to attachment disorders — underdeveloped pons and a whole slew of psychological problems.

    I laughed out loud, loudly when I read the first sentence I quoted from you. When I was once a *cough* devout believer and started questioning — I was quoted several scriptures by clergy such as Isaiah 55:9 “MY ways are higher than your ways.” and Proverbs 3:5 “Lean not on your own understanding.”

    It appears to me that this parentless G-d has the symptoms of an attachment disorder.

    Some symptoms of AD:

    – Seems uninterested in you
    – Temper or intense anger problems
    – Problems in relationships
    – Shows extreme emotions
    – Very jealous
    – Frequent mood swings
    – Imbalanced relationships with others
    – Hostile behavior
    – Compulsive self-reliance
    – Tends to be excessively critical of others
    – Lacks empathy and remorse
    – Antisocial attitudes and behaviors
    – Aggression and violence

    “Hopefully this ruling will help HIM understand…”

    Maybe after years of intense therapy, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

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    • Great reply. Thx. The “He’s too mysterious to know” shit is just unacceptable to me as an answer to anything, let alone as to why an all-loving being created pain, torture and suffering for His beloved creations to endure. And God created pain, Hell, infanticide, torture, rape, cancer, child abuse, and many more horrid things if He did indeed create all this “something” from totally nothing. If there was totally nothing before He made THIS something, He is the very definition of evil because it is He who created it from nothing. There was nothing; then God created some really cool shit AS WELL AS evil, pain, suffering, torture, and Texas. OR, there is no God, and what is, just is. And in some form or another has always been. There is no reason for it other than what WE give it. As a person who grew up experiencing daily abuse from sadistic, twisted human parents, I do not find the thought that an all-loving God allowed it to happen for “mysterious” reasons the least bit comforting. Or believable. I’ve been a student of trauma-based psychology for years now and find neuroscience, trauma therapy and a continued effort to educate people about the value of true human compassion to be far more helpful than god or religion could ever be. Fuck, if it weren’t for gods and religions, I bet abuse over-all would be reduced by 98%, and war by 100.

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    • “AS WELL AS evil, pain, suffering, torture, and Texas

      LMAO !

      On a more serious note:

      ” As a person who grew up experiencing daily abuse from sadistic, twisted human parents, I do not find the thought that an all-loving God allowed it to happen for “mysterious” reasons the least bit comforting.

      One of these days people will realize that bringing children into the world is NOT a human right. It’s a privilege that carries with it enormous responsibility and non-stop nurturing. I’m so sorry about your experience.

      “…and find neuroscience, trauma therapy and a continued effort to educate people about the value of true human compassion to be far more helpful than god or religion could ever be.”

      I couldn’t agree more.

      “I bet abuse over-all would be reduced by 98%, and war by 100.”


    • Great pics. Thanks. I’ve been battling my whole life to make people see that trauma and neglect cause tangible, physical, measurable, injuries and damage to the developing human brain. There is not a mysterious abnormal “chemical imbalance” nor a hidden “mysterious, undetectable” gene or genes that caused emotional problems in ANY of the hundred or so individuals I’ve met over the decades who’ve had experiences like mine. Like religion, biological psychiatry is faith-based, unregulated, and abuses the great power it has as an accepted source of unquestionable knowledge. No doctor would give a patient insulin and a needle and tell them to just start injecting it because they believed they had an insulin imbalance, though no test existed to prove it. Until Psychiatry is held to the same scientifically sound standards as other branches of medicine are, it qualifies as a religion to me and I do not respect it in the least. Neuroscience is the way of the future. I’m gad I lived to see it come into existence. I’ve hope for future trauma suffers that real help will exist one day and it will be based in reality, not the word of divine authorities too powerful to be questioned.


    • We are definitely on the same page. For the last 10+ years, I’ve been reading everything I can get my hands on that’s related to neuroscience. Neuroscience saved both my sanity, and my life. It also gave me hope for humanity.


      “Religion. It’s given people hope in a world torn apart by religion.” ~Jon Steward


    • Wonderful how much peace of mind I get from the scientific method. Science starts with the objective reality that we don’t know much about anything. It’s a process. A method of determining what IS actually happening in reality. Not a faith that we already know everything cause a 3000 year old book has all the answers. I love it.


    • “Science starts with the objective reality that we don’t know much about anything.”

      When neural networks involved in critical social assessment reactivated after my deconversion, I was appalled by the arrogance of religion, especially the Abrahamic religions.

      After my deconversion almost 10 years ago, I experienced wonderment and a respect for life that I’d never experience as a believer. I still do.


    • Exactly. The quest to learn how and why is the path to peace and can not begin until one lets go of the need to believe he or she is the center of meaning in the universe. ( Yikes! I sound like Yoda!) I also enjoy reading Sam Harris because he’s his own guy. He’s introduced me to some very useful meditative exercises and relaxation exercises that are “spiritual” in the sense they help to free the mind from worrisome thoughts and create a calm state which is no doubt caused by very real actions within the brain and not Thor. He is relentlessly attacked by some anti-theists and skeptics for describing the benefit of such things however. They claim he isn’t a true atheist and aids the enemy. Utterly ridiculous and no better thinking than that of a Fundamentalist Christian is shown by it. To me, after much thought, it matters not what a person wishes to believe if that belief makes their path in life fuller and more comfortable- for them. It’s when I’m expected to believe it too and govern my life by it that I say, “FUCK YOU!” This is why, for me, Joseph Stalin’s brand of atheism, which included burning down churches and the imprisonment of people who refused to stop practicing their faith, is just as horrible as any shit done by religion. As well, people’s “faith” in magical invisible guys DOES NOT belong in a government for ALL the people by ALL the people. Since Christianity is wrapped tightly around our gov’t’s neck, I say it’s time for mommy and Daddy to send the kids to their room to read their Thor and Jesus comics and figure out what ALL the people need in America to make us ALL better. Fuck the Christian Conservatives!


    • Oh, your comment was so yummy. Yes! I learned to use neurotechnology to help me clear the mind chatter — most often negative in nature. I became aware of internal dialogs that had strengthened neural networks formed by indoctrination.

      I’ve watched/listened to many lectures by Sam Harris, and frequent his website. He has my utmost respect. I was excited that he spoke and wrote about spirituality. He gave a accurate definition, not the distorted definition so common in our culture. From his website:

      “The word “spirit” comes from the Latin spiritus, which in turn is a translation of the Greek pneuma, meaning “breath.”

      You said:

      To me, after much thought, it matters not what a person wishes to believe if that belief makes their path in life fuller and more comfortable- for them. It’s when I’m expected to believe it too and govern my life by it that I say,”

      Those are my thoughts as well. Everyone has coping skills. But some coping skills, en masse, have become toxic to humanity.

      Regarding Stalin — I’ve done a good bit of research on him and other dictators, looking for common denominators. His mother was very religious. Named him Joseph after St. Joseph. He attended seminary for a while and planned to become a priest. Stalin was frequently involved in brawls with other children while growing up. He and his mother were horribly abused — beaten by his father.

      Today, child abuse is the 3rd leading cause of prefrontal cortex injury. I’m sure you know what can happen with behavior when areas of the prefrontal cortex are injured. The forehead is the area most often injured. I read that he hated the Roman Catholic Church because they wouldn’t allow his mother to divorce his father and escape the abuse.


    • I like Harris’ stuff on spirituality too. But, man, does he take shit for it. It amazes me how those dishing it out don’t see how it makes them just like those they’re railing against. That’s bad. And you’re correct about Stalin and his reasons for hating the church. Catholics have earned the hate they get tossed back at them, but the innocent Catholic men and women who were abused by Stalin because of his abuse by the Catholics is just as wrong as what was done to him. Mao Tse Tung of China is another atheist jack-ass who was as bad as the religions he tried to wipe out. He destroyed all sorts of cool Buddhist temples, statues, Buddhists, and Catholcs in his pursuit to rid China of religion and replace it with a new infallible dogma- his. One’s dogmatic belief system does not entitle a person to condemn another person because they have different beliefs. No one is talking to a divine creator, and no one really knows shit about anything other than we are here. If a person understands that, and that their individual religious beliefs have no place in a government that governs me, then I don’t care if they worship Thor, a goldfish, or their cat. I would rather fight to the death than allow my country to run by Christian or any other type of fascist ideology. I fucking hate the Christian Right. I hate them because they continually vomit their morals at me and I find them offensive. Why can’t more religions behave like the Heisitic Jews? They are a very religious group, strong in faith and community. Have many long-time silly-ass traditions that make no practical sense at all that they hold dear, but they DO NOT FUCKING BOTHER ME WITH THEM!! They don’t tell me I’m evil and will burn if I don’t believe like they do and join them. They don’t seem to fucking care about me at all! They care about themselves! What a fucking novel idea. I’m not saying their religion is sensible in any way, I’m just saying, it’s nice they don’t bother me with it.


    • I read an article the other day that a public library in Jerusalem has barred women on a ‘technicality. Lovely.

      Mao clearly had a god complex. This seems to happen when people have been in power too long. In the book “The Winner Effect: How Power Affects Your Brain”, written by cognitive neuroscientist, Ian Robertson, he states:

      ” Power changes the brain triggering increased testosterone in both men and women. Testosterone and one of its by-products called 3-androstanediol, are addictive, largely because they increase dopamine in a part of the brain’s reward system called the nucleus accumbens.

      Cocaine has its effects through this system also, and by hijacking our brain’s reward system, it can give short-term extreme pleasure but leads to long-term addiction, with all that that entails.

      Unfettered power has almost identical effects.

      But too much power – and hence too much dopamine – can disrupt normal cognition and emotion, leading to gross errors of judgment and imperviousness to risk, not to mention huge egocentricity and lack of empathy for others.”

      We live in cultures that create fertile environments for the god complex.

      Great comment, btw.


    • I wonder what the technicality was that got women barred from the library, the fact they don’t have penises or the fact their religion has conditioned them from birth to accept they are inferior to men and therefore must tolerate the stupid, idiotic, and criminally wrong way they are treated by them. I do not forgive abuse and belittlement of a person based on their gender or any other thing because of religious claims. Jerusalem is not lacking in connection to the real world, education, and reality. Fuck this ,”It’s their religion” shit. While I do appreciate that the Jews do not inundate me with their bullshit like Christians do, their beliefs are nonetheless just as fucking wrong, abusive, and outright stupid.


    • Oh, well then, THAT makes sense, the technicality was the women were WOMEN. That’s perfectly reasonable! Fucking un-fucking-believable!


    • Here’s a quote I like from Shakespeare’s “Henry the Sixth, Part Two” that I really like: “Ignorance is the curse of God; knowledge is the wing wherein we fly to heaven” -William Shakespeare, Henry VI, part 2, act 4, scene 7, 1. 73-74


    • Good one!


    • Correction: Stewart


    • Funny guy. Bill Maher is funny as hell too. He’s an atheist and just rips religion to shreds. Not hard to do, but man, this guys a riot.


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