Christopher Hitchens Signs Copy Of “God Is Not Great” For God

Atheist Christopher Hitchens Signing A Copy Of His Book God Is Not Great For God

Atheist Christopher Hitchens Signing A Copy Of His Book, God Is Not Great, For God

The After-Life, Heaven.  In a twist of fate that can only be described as poetically ironic, Christopher Hitchens, writer, journalist, and self-described anti-theist signed a copy of his book, God Is Not Great, for none other than God Himsef last night at a Barnes & Noble in Heaven. “God’s one my biggest fans up here,” Mr. Hitchens told reporters during the signing event which was held to help him promote his newest book, When Being Wrong Is Better Than Being Right. “I got a call from Him the minute I first arrived here at the end of 2011. I was pleasantly surprised, to put it mildly, that I was mistaken about my certainty of His non-existence. He told me He loved my work and that I’d often convinced even Him at times that He didn’t exist. Then He invited me over to His place for martinis and cigarettes and we ended up talking, drinking and smoking until the wee small hours of the morning.” Mr.Hitchens finished by saying God has great taste in art and literature, and loves science as much as anyone he’s ever meet. “He’d make one hell of a convincing atheist if it weren’t for the fact that He is, indeed, God,” Mr. Hitchens concluded.

18 thoughts on “Christopher Hitchens Signs Copy Of “God Is Not Great” For God

  1. This is too much! Perfect is what it is


  2. I talked to God last week about something similar. He hates being famous. Wants to be a bit unknown and obscure. He would like to be able to not have every hater on the planet pretending to talk to him, when he has only talked to dolphins for years now. Sadly he did not mention the book signing I would have gone. Hugs


  3. A book that along with Dawkins holds pride of place on my bookshelf as it happens!


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