FBI Agent Reveals A Christian Conspiracy Has Taken Over America

Symbols Of The Christian Conspiracy Which Has Taken Over Our Country

Symbols Of The Christian Conspiracy Which Has Taken Over America

Dan U. Gotabjokin, special FBI agent in charge of conspiracy investigations, reported a startling discovery today. “Christians have infiltrated America at every level of our Government,” said Agent Gotabjokin. “The President, as well as almost every member of Congress, has been seduced by this homophobic, misogynistic belief system which practices ritualized cannibalism as its central ceremony. Vile doesn’t begin to describe the insipidness behind this powerful conspiracy which has ripped the laws of America out of the secular hands of normal men and women and placed them into the hands of little boy rapists and hate-filled homophobes who, like evil versions of Johnny Appleseed, have spread their seeds of hatred and contempt all across America.  These Christians have also conspired to, and received, a tax exempt status at all levels of Government simple because they espouse a belief in an invisible deity. How this has happened is beyond my feeble mind to comprehend, but I must say, I am sickened by it. And I am embarrassed to call myself an American today, for my America is not one that is governed by a hate-based faith like Christianity, but one that is governed by all the people, for all the people, all the time. Shame on you America for allowing this devil to invade your spine like this. Shame on you. And if gods do exist, may they have mercy on you if you ever stand before them. I sure as hell would not.”

28 thoughts on “FBI Agent Reveals A Christian Conspiracy Has Taken Over America

  1. Sometimes the truth is its own sword. Nice wielding of that sword sir.


  2. I like your humor. Keep it coming.

    BTW, did you ever notice that the god of the bible (and the Quran) have been given virtually every human emotional attribute except humor?


  3. Dan U. Gotabjokin, I keep thinking sooner or later you are going to run out of ideas for hilarious names and everyday you come back with a new one! Funny as ever my friend 🙂


    • Thank you, greatly, my friend. Oh. I watched “Cold Prey,” yesterday. It was OK, but not as entertaining as the “Rec” flicks. Those were intense and just over the top nutty. My kinda horror flicks. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Cold Prey is definitely not as intense as REC, I love old school slashers and Cold Prey to me was very reminiscent of those. Cold Prey 2 is still worth a watch though as it ups the ante on the horror side. If you like intense though I recommend Chris Smith’s Creep and Severance if you haven’t seen them, with the latter being one of my fave horror/comedy flicks and boy is it intense. 🙂


    • I will check those out. “Cold Prey 2” is coming soon for me to watch. Speaking of mind bogglingly intense and gross, have you seen the “Human Centipede” movies? I’ve not yet seen the second one, as the first was about all I can handle, but, one day I’ll venture to it.


    • Oh. And Kevin Smith’s “Tusk” I rather enjoyed, in a creeped out kinda way. It’s in the vein of “Human Centipede”, a dude gets turned into a human walrus.


    • Human centipede isn’t my thing I’ll be honest a bit too gross out, I love splatter flicks but they are usually so OTT they are funny as opposed to disturbing. Things like Bad Taste and Evil Dead 2. Do want to see Tusk though, I like most of Kevin Smith’s movies.


    • Yes. I agree with you. Like I said, I’ve not been able to watch “Human Centipede 2” yet as the first really got to me and I hear part two is worse. “Tusk” is not your typical Kevin Smith movie and is fairly disturbing. I, like you, prefer my horror flicks OTT and fun. Peter Jackson’s “Dead Alive/ Brain Dead” comes to mind as a fun one. “I kick ass for the lord!” Oh. There’s going to be a new series on Showtime, I believe, called “Ash V The Evil Dead” with Bruce Campbell. It’s produced by him and Sam Rami. Sure you knew about it, but I can’t wait to see it.

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    • I hadn’t heard of the Ash series, but now I’m intrigued! Braindead is awesome, love the film, Bad Taste is also by Peter Jackson and worth a watch if you like Braindead, lower budget but still great!


    • Oh, yes indeed. I’ve seen that and really liked it.

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  4. Katlicks are not TruChristians.
    i like the name of the officer


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