Catholic Church Approves Gay Marriage

Well, SOME gay marriage that is.  Fr. Tom McStrokin’, the Vatican’s chief expert on right and wrong, issued a proclamation today stating that marriage between members of the same-sex is not only acceptable, but desired. That is as long as the same-sex members involved are smoking hot young women.

Same Sex Marriage Approved For These Women

Same Sex Marriage Approved For These Women

“Here at Vatican headquarters,” McStrokin’ said, “we find sexual activity between two smokin’ hot babes to be a turn on and beautiful.  And because WE are turned on by this, and WE determine what is normal or aberrant behavior in others, WE say two babes getting married rocks!  We are recommending that all Christian denominations follow our lead in this as well as all of America. The more hot young babes who marry, the more young hot lesbian sex there will be! And that is something we here at the Vatican most definitely see as morally righteous and healthy.  Yours in Christ, Fr. Tom McStrokin’ ”


41 thoughts on “Catholic Church Approves Gay Marriage

  1. Considering this is coming from the Vatican I am surprised they are interested in two girls and more surprised they are not in favor of two boys marrying or a boy and an older man. I read what you said about boys being force fed Christian cock, and yes it is sick. It sadly is something the boys will carrying in their minds even when they are not remembering the exact event. It lingers on you and stays as a stain that can not be washed off. Hugs


    • You see Scottie, religiously speaking, it is the act of sex between two MALES that Jeebus is opposed to, not two hot looking women. It matters not that the Catholic Church prefers to fuck, primarily, little boys. What matters is appearances. Condone lipstick lesbian marriage. Condemn marriage between to men, and continue sodomizing kids. Status quot stays untouched. Little boys still get touched, and the Catholic Church remains revered and respected. See? Praise be Jeebus!!!!

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  2. I hear the Pope just texted in asking if he could watch!


  3. This will solve the nun problem


  4. Funny post. 😀 Going OT, but your post reminded me about what Pope Frances told his flock this past week — to stop breeding like rabbits — that just having 3 children is OK. Well, at first I thought he was endorsing birth control, but as it turns out, he’s endorsing abstinence.

    How do I know this? Because he still doesn’t believe in any other birth control except the rhythm method which has a 24% failure rate, which means 1 in 4 women will get pregnant using that method. Only other recourse is having no intercourse or find a same-sex partner on the side.


  5. Once again an awesome post…how do you come up with so many each day? Tell me, do you secretly get your inspiration from god? I mean, there must be an explanation for it! I can’t just be creativity, right?


  6. I do like the meme which reads something like:

    There have been 2,300 observed cases of homosexual behaviour in animal species.

    The only thing that has never been observed in the natural world is… Celibacy. [Insert picture of pope]


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