Slippery Slope Theory Confirmed By Legalization Of Gay Marriage In Illinios

A Christian Conservative's Nightmare Come True

A Christian Conservative Nightmare Come True

As Christian Conservatives and Tea Party members have been warning, the legalization of gay marriage has indeed proven to be a slippery slope leading to demands for the legalization of other forms of nontraditional sexual behavior, at least it has in Illinois. Just over a year after Illinois voted to make gay marriage legal, hundreds of thousands of people, paired with horses and other animals of various sizes, arrived at the doors of the State Capital demanding they be allowed to legally marry the animals they’ve been secretly fornicating with for years. “If Harry can marry Jim, and Sally can marry Susie, then why can’t I marry the man or woman I love, though they be a sheep?” said Peter P. Enis, spokesmen for the group, Animals Do It Better.

“We animal fornicators are happy the slope to human depravity has been so well lubricated for us by gay men and women seeking the legal benefits of marriage for themselves and their partners. Now we, too, are asking that the same benefits be given to us and our beloved cows, dogs, dingoes, horses, and ostriches. What’s wrong with that, I ask?”

The Tea Party responded to this development by stating it happened as a direct result of legalized gay marriage, Obama Care, and the continued denial by Democrats, Liberals, and Jews that Jesus truly does hate fags, and, occasionally, lesbians.

36 thoughts on “Slippery Slope Theory Confirmed By Legalization Of Gay Marriage In Illinios

  1. LOL! This pretty much captures the conservatives worst nightmares. Well, besides a black democrat in the White House.

    I commonly hear all kinds of hate directed @ Obama. But I guess it is to be expected here in fuck your sister land, with a bible in your hand.

    I have to wonder with all of the gay hate, and racist hate, what the hell kind of crap these people are hiding in their closets.


  2. Reblogged this on The Blogging Path and commented:
    I disagree. The point behind human marriages is to create life and more of it for welfare recipients and future taxable slave, err, wage earners and that’s between a human male and a human female of breeding age. Anything beyond that is, well, gross! Just saying. 😀


  3. May I marry my rabbit fner fner


  4. What about a gay animal and a gay human , can they get married. If they have a pet is it called an adoption? Can a human / animal adopt or do they need an ACLU of their own, a hybreed so to speak to speak on their behalf in court. What kind of discrimination jokes would the off spring face, especially if they were not one of the popular animals was a half parent?

    On a more serious note, and i know they are not often allowed here, you do know some hyper anti gay nut job is going to see this post, take the whole thing seriously ( again not allowed ) and use it to make so post so crazy that fox news AKA fixed news will run with it 24 hours a day, and claim that the world has only one hope, all the Christians must take up pitchforks and torches and burn down their own homes.

    Just a thought. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Hugs


    • I wish to Jeebus Fox News would talk about my post, any one of my posts. I’d reach thousands of more people if they did. Ken Ham slammed me one time on his “Answers From Genesis” website, and I was flooded with views and hate emails. I was called a “fag enabler” by him because I’m in support of gay/human rights. I ate it up, Brother. I must have gotten 3000 views thanks to that ding-bat. So, to Fox News I say, “Bring it on!!!” Maybe Bill Maher will see it and hire me. 🙂

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    • That would be so cool if he did, and as for being a fag enabler…now that I am married to a same gender person and I help cook his meals and get him ready for work, make his bed and wash his clothes…I guess I am a real big enabler…can I get a raise in my allowance…princess dresses don’t come cheap…Hugs


    • I’ll ask Ken next time he writes to tell me Hell is awaiting me for supporting gay/human rights. 🙂

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  5. Well done. Reminds me of a skit by Ellen DeGeneres which my wife and I saw a while back. Had us crying in laughter. I have to say that I really like it when conservatives use this argument because I think it helps those who are fighting for equality.


  6. Slippery slope indeed! I can’t stop laughing


  7. You’re behind the times in the States mate…in Wales it’s been legal for donkey’s years!


  8. My cat and I will move to Illinois next month to get married.


  9. Hard to say no to a koala when its cold outside


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