France To Invade Iraq Over Charlie Hebdo

The Ice Planet, Hoth.  Though freely admitting that it had absolutely nothing to do with the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo last week, one French military official is, nevertheless, calling for an invasion of Iraq anyway.

General Pierre Petite Pe'Pe

General Pierre Petite Pe’Pe

“If zee Americans kin do it, zo kin vee,” said General Pierre Petite Pe’Pe of the French Liberation Front. “It iz entirely pozzib’al zat zere are veaponz ov mass destruc’ee’oon zee Americans overlooked ven zay vere in Iraq zat may still poze zee threat to zee peoplez ov France. If zee Americans kin launch zee invaz’ee’on ov Iraq, because zay vere pizzed ovv after 9/11, zo kin vee after zis tragedy. It iz, af’zer all, only fair to allow us to do az zay did. Vee, too, vill tell zee United Nat’ee’oonz to pizz ovv if zay tellz uz not to do zis. Vive la France!”

The staff of The Arm Chair Pontificator’s French office will continue to keep you abreast of this situation as it develops; so, please, check back with us throughout the day.

21 thoughts on “France To Invade Iraq Over Charlie Hebdo

  1. And I’m very impressed with the French accent – totally accurate 😉


  2. Shouldn’t those cheesy wine drinking monkeys not invade Jemen? As the attacks were claimed by “al qaida” jemen?


  3. Hahaha. I saw you have offices worldwide no wonder you have a million plus posts.
    You keep doing this buddy, you are amazing


  4. I like wine and bread, but beans are weapons of mass pollution. Hugs


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