Islamic Jihadist Accidentally Attacks Mosque

Rainbow Bridge, Asgard.  “You see,” Jihadist Abba Dabba PooPoo said to police this morning, “I forgot to take my glasses when I went to carry out the will of Allah by blowing up the Cute ‘N Silly Cat Toy Company in Columbus last night. They were making a cat toy that, if you looked at it upside down, in the moonlight, on the 12th of September, in the rain, at 3:43 AM, sorta, kinda resembled one of Mohammad’s shoes.

 Abba Dabba PooPoo Sporting Glasses He Forgot To Take On His Jihad

Abba Dabba PooPoo Sporting The Glasses He Forgot To Bring On His Jihad

Thus, the company, and everyone in it, had to be blown up for turning a piece of the Prophet’s wardrobe into a cat toy. However, though I remembered the C4, I forgot my glasses when I left my apartment to carry out my task. And, as a consequence, mistook the Allah Saves, Inc. Mosque, which was across the street from the cat toy company, as the cat toy company. I blew up a mosque that was filled with dozens of praying Muslims by accident. On the bright side, however, according to what Allah has revealed to me through a dream, I still get 36 virgins when I reach Heaven for my jihad attempt. Apparently, ANY attempt at killing infidels is rewarded with virgins. You simply don’t get the full complement of 72 virgins unless you actually kill the people you were suppose to. Mistakes happen. Allah knows that. The Mosque was simply collateral damage. I can live with that. For 36 virgins in Paradise, who couldn’t?”

Je suis Charlie

52 thoughts on “Islamic Jihadist Accidentally Attacks Mosque

  1. there was a haiku in there.if my comment is longer than the next line ,computer shuts off


  2. in the moonlight/on the 12th of september/ 36 virgins rained


  3. I always wonder, why would ANYBODY want 72 virgins??? I think in the fine print it says they remain that way too…


  4. Oh brother! Your story telling is superb. And your imagination leaves me cracked up. Who would think about the way and time of looking at a shoe?


  5. Oh shit, Abba Dabba PooPoo! I know him! That picture is priceless!


  6. First where do they get all those virgins? Second because all those females are covered head to toe, so how do they know if the virgins are really ugly or not? Third I never really cared for virgins, too much work and effort, but I know one spouse is by far enough and hard enough to handle, I simply couldn’t deal with with 36 or 72. Plus many a few extra partners as a young stud is OK, but as you get old, it will not only wear you out, it would kill you. love your posts. Hugs


    • Thanks for loving my posts and reading them. You certainly raise some valid points in regards to the virgins. It’s nutty enough that someone came up with that idiotic concept, but nuttier still is that it caught on. Nutty. Just plain nutty.


  7. Very fine satire indeed! I do hope for his sake they are 36 virgin gals!


  8. I always thought Mr. Magoo would turn.


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