Famous Beards From The Bible

Forest Moon, Endor.ย  World renowned Biblical archeologist, Professor Al Lickya, stopped by TACP’s Berlin office today with some stunning photos he discovered in Tunisia of famous Bible folks sporting beards. Have a look at them, and let us know what you think. Some of them are quite shocking, so please, do not view them if you are an expectant mother or bald.

1.) This first pic is of the big guy himself wearing a very General Grant-ish style beard. Quite dapper, in a Civil War kinda way, eh?



2.) This next pic is of the big guy’s number one kid, looking a tad bit scruffy and very, very pissed off. Guess he REALLY didn’t want his picture taken.



3.) Next, we have a pic of the big cheese from another holy book, The Koran. He looks a lot younger than I thought he would. Wouldn’t you agree?



4.) Here’s one that I find quite surprising, as I never expected to find her wearing a beard. Too much testosterone in the food back then I suppose.

Virgin Mary

The Virgin Mary

5.) And lastly, here’s a pic of Mary’s earthly husband taken immediately after she told him she was pregnant, and the baby wasn’t his, but God’s.





16 thoughts on “Famous Beards From The Bible

  1. Joseph looks surprisingly like Rasputin!


  2. Your thoughts must be so wide open and accepting. I wouldn’t have been able to come up with the idea for a post like this much less ever try to write one. I say the Noble people better call soon. Hugs


  3. You had me laughing at the title. I can see this in Mad.


  4. Hilarious! Mary with a beard, now, only you would think of something like that


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