New Product Keeps Your Family Safe From Liberals

The Tea Party announced today they’ve created a new product which is guaranteed to keep you, and your loved ones, safe from the pestilence of liberals forever. “Many of us in the Tea Party have grown weary of pointy nosed liberals poisoning our wells, eating our children, and voting in our elections,” said Tea Party member and former Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney.

Keep Your  Children Safe- Use Liberal Away

Liberal Away Kills Liberals Dead

“The Tea Party pulled together its vast resources and paid millions to Igor Flopdick, a former KGB agent who specializes in unique ‘pest’ elimination problems, to create Liberal Away for us. He did not disappoint. Liberal Away kills liberals on contact, yet remains completely harmless to Conservatives and Tea Party members. It is a new type of smart poison that, once sprayed, drifts in the air, harmlessly, until it comes into contact with a liberal. Once it does, he or she has less than 3 minutes to live. Thanks to the efforts of Mr.Flopdick, and the Tea Party, we now have an effective way to keep our children, our pets, and our elderly safe from the stench and filth of liberals forever. Amen to that I say. Amen to that.”

14 thoughts on “New Product Keeps Your Family Safe From Liberals

  1. Now there is going to a complete Republican take over. You are basically effed


  2. i don’t know anything about tea parties, but i love the names,you have for people… an endless list.LOL
    all i know is before i knew what a haiku was, 3 years ago, i wrote “shame on you mitt romney” especially for riding around with your dog on top of the car,like david letterman keeps showing.


    • I’ll bet if such a thing did exist, conservatives would get a law passed making it OK for them to use it. Another “Stand Your Ground” thing. “It’s OK to kill liberals if they pass by the ground you’re standing on.”


  3. Can that Russian SOB not make a spray against tea partying scum?


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