Jesus Bitten By Acting Bug

Jesus' Head Shot

Jesus’ Head Shot

In news today that no one was expecting, Jesus, The Son of God, announced he wants to be an actor. “My Pops recently sold Heaven to Disney, and that’s inspired me to fulfill my eternity’s long dream of becoming an A-list Hollywood and Broadway actor,” The King of Kings said earlier. “Shakespeare and I were talking just the other day about what a kick ass Hamlet I’d make. I mean, who knows more about following in the foot steps of a great father than me, eh?  I’ve also been itching to play Javert in “Les Miserables” ever since I was forced to sit through the God-awful singing of Russell Crowe in the movie version that came out on my birthday a few years ago. UGH! I have an amazing singing voice, and babes always swoon when they hear it, so I know I’d knock that part right out of the park!” We here at TACP wish the Son of Man all the best in His new career, and please, Jesus, remember us when you are accepting that first Oscar a few years from now, OK?

12 thoughts on “Jesus Bitten By Acting Bug

  1. this is what i was trying to say.. i was writing to you from here & apparently the comment told you i was ES & you answered ES, but i was here waiting for you to tell me how you publish that fireworks thingy.
    i thought you did that, but i know now it was wordpress that said i was ES


  2. LOL

    Church attendance is way, way down, so the king of kings must find other ways to rake in the bucks.

    “He loves you and he needs money. He always needs money.” ~George Carlin

    Merry Christmas, my friend. xx


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