Avengers Say No To Batman

Batman Leaves Avengers Mansion After Being Denied Membership

Batman Leaves Avengers Mansion After Being Denied Membership

Batman, aka, The Dark Knight, was denied membership to the Avengers this evening ending a week-long trial with the group.  “We hated to say no,” said Captain America, “but the guy just isn’t playing with a full deck.   First off, he has ZERO super powers.  Hell, even Hawkeye has a super sense when it comes to placing arrows in people’s eye sockets, but Batman, nothing.  So that alone makes him a liability should we be fighting, say, Thanos and his intergalactic hordes.  Secondly, the dude has MAJOR anger management problems.  The Hulk, The Hulk, mind you, accidentally bumps into him in the chow-line the other day, and the dude friggin’ goes off on him like an a-bomb. Bats was cursing, punching, and kicking with such ferocity that had it been just an average guy and not The Hulk he was hitting, he would have really hurt him.  The Hulk, however, just said something to the effect of, ‘Puny leotard man bother Hulk,’ then flicked his finger and Batman wound up 50 yards away and unconscious for an hour.  Not good thinking there, Bats.  So, for his own good, and the stability of our team, Batman will not be joining the Avengers.  Robin will be here for a trial next week. Doubt he’ll impress us with any super powers, but odds are he’ll be sane at least.”

6 thoughts on “Avengers Say No To Batman

  1. My husband also doesn’t like Batman, because he has no super powers. Poor Bats. What he needs are some super friends…


    • I actually love Batman. I’m a comic book, superhero, Star Wars, LOTR, and Star Trek uber geek. I can’t wait to see the Batman V Superman movie that’s coming out next year. I’m in geek heaven with all these superhero movies being made these days.


    • I’m a comic book geek too. I watch almost all the superhero movies. Last week I watched the Superman movie (1978) again for the nth time 🙂 It was on TV…
      Yeah, I’d like to see a Batman v Superman movie. I wasn’t impressed with the last Superman movie but I watched it anyway. Marvel has been making lots of $$$ recently. DC superheroes only focus on Batman and Superman. How many times are they going to remake them???

      I’m taking the day off on Wednesday to see the final Hobbit film (eek!) Or I may see it next Monday (another day off). Can’t wait!!
      I’m going to calm down now….


    • Well, they are making a Batman V Superman movie with Ben Affleck as Batman and Henry Cavill as Superman again. DC is doing the Justice League after that. Marvel movies are THE BOMB! They’ve created a bar I do not think DC will be able to reach, but I hope I’m wrong. More the merrier for me. I’m seeing Hobbit Wed. Can’t wait.

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  2. Yeah, Batman has issues. He never got over the killing of his parents, and then there’s that rich man’s privilege thing. Maybe this rejection will give him a wake-up call, but I doubt it.


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