Can A Heathen Have A Favorite Christmas Song?

You bet your ass he can! I didn’t think a Christmas song could evoke positive sentimental feelings in me until I heard the Pogue’s “Fairytale of New York” a few years ago. Drunk tanks, failed dreams, arguments with my girlfriend, these things are human things, things I relate to. They remind me I am alive. I lived, and loved, and mattered. I made people angry, happy and sad sometimes, as they did me. It’s the process of living this song reminds me of, of being a part of existence with everyone else here. Right now. The first version of the song I’ve included here is with Alan Doyle, Samantha Barks, and Russell Crowe and was performed a few years ago in New York. The embedded video is a solo version of it performed by an Irish folk singer named Christy Moore. The more I hear this song, the more I love it.


9 thoughts on “Can A Heathen Have A Favorite Christmas Song?

  1. Indeed a great song. I saw the Pogues in Brisbane…. Brilliant!!

    • Yes. He’s terrific. I love how he made a solo version of this song work so powerfully. Thanks greatly for the link, too. Can’t get enough good versions of this song.

    • The bloke from the Pogues (for some reason his name eludes me yet I know it well – have albums etc. must be dementia setting in) is an alcoholic wreck these days. Saw him interviewed on TV not so long ago – sad stuff.

    • His name eludes me too, but yes, he’s certainly a sad, drunk case. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen him interviewed or performing when he wasn’t wasted, but what an excellent musician. I mean, “Fairy Tale of New York” is THE BOMB! It says a life time of things in 3 minutes and plays all the right emotional cords for me.

    • PS. Another thing I love about this song is that it sounds better when you sing it drunk! Now, that is the true spirit of Christmas!

    • I was playing around with a skit for the mag today (Carruthers & Chum) and came up with a bloke called Chris Masstime! Will have to see how it goes down.

    • That’s brilliant my friend. Simply brilliant. You gotta keep firing off names like that. You’ll get a good one for every ten or so you create. And Chris Masstime is a damn good one.

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