Blind Faith

blind faith

On a dark street, on a Saturday night, a boy plays with a ball. In the blackness he sees a light that soon illuminates his entire being.

“Greetings, Billy.”

“Who are you, Light?”

“An Angel, Billy. I’ve come to make you a hero…an idol to millions.”

“But I’m just an average boy. Wadda want me for?”

“Because, Billy, I want to make you a star…a .398 hitter with a 98 mph fastball and perfect control.”

“Wow! Really!?”

“Yes, Billy. Trust me and your name will live forever in the annals of baseball history.”

“Man! That sounds SOOO cool…but my Mom says never ta talk ta strangers…and anyways, I’m kinda late fer dinner and I really gotta….”

“Listen, William! …Listen to the crowd! It’s the bottom of the ninth, two out, bases loaded with a three,two count..a home run wins The World Series. Listen to them, William!… 55,000 people are chanting YOUR name…. Billeee..Billeee, Billeee! Can’t you hear them, William!? They love you!”

“Yeah! Yeah! I hear ’em!”

“Trust me, Billy, and it’s all yours. Here, Billy, take my hand, and I’ll give it to you.”

“Boy…all those people…Shouting MY name!…Man…O.K. Angel, here’s my hand…give it to me!”

On a dark street, on a Saturday night, a boy is blinded by the light of an oncoming auto, and struck dead.

21 thoughts on “Blind Faith

  1. And I was inspired by seeing your Gravatar image on someone else’s site. Once I read your profile – I knew you were my kind of philosopher. Pleasure to meet you.


  2. First time I’ve read one of your posts and I haven’t actually laughed – very good though.


  3. Reblogged this on The Daily Pause and commented:

    So I take it that NOT all angels are being of “Light” and that the one you happen to characterize gave off some sort of “False-Light”. Little Billy should have listened to his Mom!


  4. Bummer (or rather ‘bumper’ in this case:s)


  5. Whoa man. Very different to your usual stuff but brilliant nonetheless…

    Is this a new direction for you? Or will you still be hitting us with your brand of crazy?


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