Obama Mistakenly Puts Revealing Selfie On His Facebook Page

Obama, The Anti-Christ

Obama, The Anti-Christ

President Obama accidentally put a selfie on his Facebook page today which reveals him to be what conspiracy theorists have been claiming for years he is: The Anti-Christ.  “OK,” said the President. “I fucked up and I’m busted. So I’m the friggin’ Anti-Christ. So what? Wadda ya gonna do now, sue me? I’d like to see you try. I’m the bloody Anti-Christ for Christ sake! I’ll fucking flay you alive and eat you while your heart is still beating if you even look at me funny.  I’ll bet there are a lot of Tea Party members and other Right Wing Conservatives pissing themselves right about now,eh? And rightly so, cause let me be clear on one thing my Republican friends, I’m going to fuck you up. BAD! If you think Obama Care sucked, wait til you get a taste of Obama’s Hell Fire special. It comes complete with a pike for me to impale you on and an open-pit of unending fire for me to place you over so I can watch your flesh bubble off your tight-ass conservative bones for eternity.  The Illuminati and I were planning on waiting til a Republican next got elected to the White House to reveal ourselves as the demons we are, but what the hey, the best laid plans, etc, etc, etc.  So, that’s about it then. I’m the Anti-Christ and you, starting with the Republicans, are all fucked. I’m not sparing anyone because, to tell the truth, I was treated like shit during my Presidential tenure and I’m really fucking pissed off about it. I’ll see you all real soon now, ya hear?   Love, The Anti-Christ, Barack Obama.”

10 thoughts on “Obama Mistakenly Puts Revealing Selfie On His Facebook Page

  1. As I understand this JC fellow was the original Republican? In the book of legendary musings (forgot its name) it surely makes it clear that JC leads the right and if a black bloke gets to lead the not so right then he must be the anti-JC. Obvious if you think about!


  2. 🙂

    Did you see the photo some right wing dick is trying to say is real showing Obama with his hands down his daughters pants? These people truly are sick.


  3. Ah, he ends with ‘love’…that’s so adorable! My beaver companion on my site just wrote a blog today about selfie’s and somehow managed to piss on Michella Bachmann, the pope and Ann Coulter in the process…feel free to check it out;)

    I say ‘my beaver companion’…cause heaven forbid anyone might think it’s actually me pretending to be a beaver (although why would people think that? Millions believe in a talking snake after all)


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